Creative Biostructure Announces New Method for Producing CRAL-TRIO Domain-Containing Proteins Using Virus-Like Particles

Creative Biostructure Announces New Method for Producing CRAL-TRIO Domain-Containing Proteins Using Virus-Like Particles

February 22, 2024

Creative Biostructure, a leading provider of protein production services, today announced advanced custom Mempro™ CRAL-TRIO domain-containing protein production services based on virus-like particles system. 

CRAL-TRIO domain-containing proteins are a class of proteins that play important roles in a variety of biological processes, including signal transduction, cell adhesion, and protein trafficking. However, these proteins are often difficult to produce in large quantities and in a pure form. 

Creative Biostructure’s new method uses VLPs to produce CRAL-TRIO domain-containing proteins more efficiently and cost-effectively. VLPs are non-infectious particles that self-assemble from viral proteins. They have been used in a variety of applications, including vaccine development and protein production. 

In Creative Biostructure’s new method, the CRAL-TRIO domain-containing protein is expressed in a cell line that produces VLPs. The protein is then purified from the VLPs using a variety of techniques, including chromatography and ultracentrifugation. The company says that its new method produces CRAL-TRIO domain-containing proteins that are more stable and have a higher yield than proteins produced using traditional methods. The proteins are also free of any contaminants, such as viruses or bacteria. 

“We are excited to announce this new method for producing CRAL-TRIO domain-containing proteins,” said Joanna, the chief marketing staff of Creative Biostructure. “This method is a significant advance in the production of these important proteins, and it has the potential to make them more widely available for research and therapeutic applications.” The company is currently working to scale up the production of CRAL-TRIO domain-containing proteins using its new method. The company says that it expects to be able to produce these proteins in large quantities shortly. 

“We believe that our new method has the potential to revolutionize the production of CRAL-TRIO domain-containing proteins,” said Joanna. “We are excited to make this technology available to the research and therapeutic communities.” Creative Biostructure is a privately held company headquartered in New York, USA. The company provides a wide range of protein production services to the research and pharmaceutical industries. 

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