Crisp and helpful guide on your wisdom tooth pain and its relief

Crisp and helpful guide on your wisdom tooth pain and its relief

March 29, 2024

Wisdom tooth pain is a common dental problem that affects a large number of people around the world. It may pop up mild symptoms as well as severe symptoms with unbearable pain. The pain is mostly felt at the back of the mouth either on the upper or the lower jaw where the wisdom tooth is coming up. The pain is also kind of severe – at times you will feel the pain only in one tooth while at other times it will feel like a number of the teeth are aching. Here is something worth taking note of – wisdom teeth problem is usually restricted for adults. Therefore, for toddlers and children it is usually other reasons that cause pain in the same areas of the mouth.

In cases of impacted wisdom tooth, one suffers from unbelievable pain and usually this problem affects both the teeth and the jaw at the same time. A large number of these cases – that is cases of impacted wisdom tooth – end up in extracting or removing the wisdom tooth to provide patients with ultimate relief from the pain and discomfort. Other than severe pain and discomfort, impacted a broken wisdom tooth can also lead many other complications that affect your oral health. These complications include the following –

  • Setting in of decay in the teeth 
  • Development of dental abscess and infection and last but nevertheless the least
  • Gum disease or periodontitis

Now let us get into these details in the following section of the post.

Setting in of decay in the teeth 

An impacted wisdom tooth usually proves tormenting and causes unbearable pain. Apart from that the problem may also expose your teeth to cavities. Harmful bacteria build-ups are quite common in this condition around the edge of the tooth and this is how your teeth could be victims of decay and disease. A dentist with years of experience in handling cases of wisdom tooth pain in jaw in London says when cavities set in the teeth the condition becomes even more painful and difficult for any patient.

Development of dental abscess and infection 

When you suffer from an impacted emergency removal of wisdom tooth you are more prone to develop a dental abscess which in turn may set in an infection in the tooth which progresses fast and affects other parts of the mouth as well as parts of the body.

Gum disease or periodontitis

An impacted wisdom tooth and gum disease have a string liking for each other. Whenever one shows up, the other is hardly a few steps behind. It is important to note that gum disease may spread and affect other parts of your mouth faster than you may imagine.

When you suffer from an impacted wisdom tooth and suffer from unbearable pain it is usually an oral surgeon who comes to your aid and extracts the wisdom tooth to put an end to your sufferings and hardship. When an emergency wisdom tooth has just begun its movement to come through your jaw and thus you start feeling mild pain and discomfort which are quite bearable. At this stage it is better to take standard painkillers that are available over the counter at drugstores to ease the pain and discomfort before the problem turns serious suggest dentists working in the renowned Emergency Dentist London Pro which has possesses excellent reputation in handling anxious patients.      

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore few tried and tested tips to ease the pain and sufferings related to the wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth problem – ease your pain and sufferings

As already mentioned above, if you suffer from severe pain and discomfort because of an impacted wisdom tooth eventually you may have to get an emergency removal of the wisdom tooth to get a permanent and easier solution to end your misery. Immediately after extracting a wisdom tooth all the pain may not wither away all at one. Home remedies are often effective to handle those conditions. Home remedies are also helpful to keep the pain under control in case you do not get the erupting tooth extracted. 

Here are a few tried and tested means that you can try out at home to get sufficient and much-needed relief from the pain and discomfort that result from an impacted wisdom tooth extraction.

  • Over the counter painkillers – Standard painkillers like ibuprofen and paracetamol usually minimise the pain and discomfort resulting from a wisdom tooth to a considerable extent. These medicines are available over the counter at every neighbourhood chemist shop. Local anaesthesia is widely used by dentists to deal with the cases of wisdom tooth extraction. In case you have undergone wisdom tooth removal surgery, painkillers like ibuprofen prove helpful minimising inflammation and facilitate your faster recovery.
  • Clove oil – Oil extracted from clove is yet another reliable bet to minimise the pain and discomfort related to wisdom teeth. In case you cannot find clove oil, you can use whole buds of clove as an alternative. Concentrated clove oil is readily available over the counter at pharmacies. Take a small cotton ball and soak it in few drops of clove oil. Place the moist cotton ball directly on the problem area suggests a dentist who has years of experience in wisdom tooth extraction. Cloves are a common kitchen item across plenty of households. In case you do not clove oil, go for whole cloves in the kitchen. Place a whole clove in the mouth right at the problem area and wait for few minutes till the action starts.
  • Saltwater rinse – rinsing the mouth with lukewarm saltwater is another effective remedy to counter wisdom tooth pain. Add about half teaspoon full of common table salt to a cup of warm water. Allow the salt to get into the solution and make sure the saltwater solution is only lukewarm when you take a little of it and swish it all around the mouth for at least 30 seconds each time before spitting out. This solution proves helpful because of a number of reasons. A lukewarm saltwater solution is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial to give you substantial relief from pain.

After undergoing an oral surgery for wisdom teeth removal, you must adhere to the instructions of the oral surgeon as strictly as you can. Take the prescribed medicines as instructed from Emergency Dentist London Pro and just live on a diet the dentist recommends. 

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