Cyclic-di-GMP Assay to Simplify Cellular Function Analysis

Cyclic-di-GMP Assay to Simplify Cellular Function Analysis

March 22, 2024

Cyclic-di-GMP is a key regulator of bacterial physiology and plays a critical role in biofilm formation, virulence, and other cellular processes. However, traditional methods for measuring cyclic-di-GMP levels have been cumbersome and time-consuming, often requiring multiple steps and specialized equipment. Amerigo Scientific's cyclic-di-GMP assay offers a user-friendly alternative, allowing researchers to quickly and easily assess levels of this important molecule in a wide range of cellular samples.


The cyclic-di-guanosine monophosphate (c-di-GMP) assay is a simple mix-and- read, highly selective, high throughput screening (HTS)-ready assay to measure c-di-GMP levels in cells. The cyclic-di-GMP assay is easy to use and has excellent signal stability, allowing for rapid measurement. Additionally, the c-di-GMP assay can also be used to measure intracellular c-di-GMP concentrations in bacteria in a homogenous format without pelleting, lysis, or wash steps.


“We are excited to introduce our cyclic-di-GMP assay to help researcher simplify cell analysis,” said the business development manager of Amerigo Scientific. “By providing a simplified and efficient method for detecting cyclic-di-GMP, we hope to empower researchers to gain deeper insights into bacterial signaling and behavior, ultimately advancing our understanding of cellular function.”


The cyclic-di-GMP assay includes all the necessary reagents and materials for performing the assay, along with detailed protocols and instructions for accurate and reproducible results. Researchers just need to incubate their samples with the provided assay reagents for 30 min and read the samples on a fluorescence plate reader with FITC/GFP filter or excitation wavelength 482nm and emission wavelength 505nm. The fluorescent signal is stable over time and thus allows batch-mode processing of samples. For more information about Amerigo Scientific’s cyclic-di-GMP Assay, visit their website at

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