Details on blood tests that correlate with heart disease in the human body

Details on blood tests that correlate with heart disease in the human body

March 29, 2024

Are you searching for the best diagnostic lab in Jalandhar? Our health clinic got your back.

Path Lal lab in Jalandhar helps you figure out the odds of diseases related to heart and blood vessels. Blood tests combined with your health records allow your health care team to go for the best plan and treat heart disease. Keep reading to learn more about blood tests that get done to treat your heart rate. 

Reasons to go for a total cholesterol diagnosis at the test lab in Jalandhar 

The cholesterol blood test gets directly linked to the odds of diseases in the heart and blood vessels. Total cholesterol (aka TC) is perfect for patients who are a minimum of twenty years old. 

  • If you're twenty or more, that will read you 76 to169 mg/dL as average reading. 
  • If you're twenty-one or more, the test will show you 99 to 200 mg/dL as normal reading. 
  • Besides, your fitness goal and blood test reports will vary. It depends on your gender, age, and other risk factors. 


What is the importance of Triglycerides (TG) at the Path lab blood test in Jalandhar?

Triglyceride blood screening in Jalandhar will rely on the health condition. It does a detailed inspection of blood and heart.

If Triglycerides (TG) at the Path lab reads 550 -1,050 mg/dL, you have got more chances of developing diseases like pancreatitis. If you have diabetes or obesity, your blood test will show high TG levels. Lipid tests at the diagnostic lab in Jalandhar help you diagnose the lipid count. 

Do you want to reduce triglycerides levels? If so, you'd have to exercise. Consult a nutritionist to lower the LDL to 140 mg/dL or lower. 

Importance of (HDL) or High-density lipoprotein test at the Path lab blood test in Jalandhar 


High-density lipoprotein or HDL is good cholesterol. High levels of HDL lower the odds of heart and blood vessel disease. Healthcare givers at path lab in Jalandhar claim the better is your health score, the higher is your HDL. 

While HDL should be higher than 60 mg/dL in females, the level should be higher than 50 mg/dL in males. If you need to know the count of HDL, take assure pathlabs test today. 

Importance of (LDL) or Low-density lipoprotein test at the Path lab blood test in Jalandhar 

Low-density lipoprotein or LDL forms bad cholesterol. A high level of LDL will enhance the odds of forming a heart and blood vessel disease. If you need to keep it low, take cholesterol-lowering medications. 


How can you lower LDL?

Do you have blood vessels, diabetes, and/or heart disease? Focus on making the LDL count lower than 70 mg per dL. If your blood test report discloses metabolic syndrome, the path lab in Jalandhar advises on ways to make the LDL count lower than 99 mg per dL. 

To visit the best diagnostic lab in Jalandhar, contact our phlebotomist today. 


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