Digital Horizons in Education: Embracing the Advantages and Overcoming Barriers of Online Teaching Tools

Digital Horizons in Education: Embracing the Advantages and Overcoming Barriers of Online Teaching Tools

January 14, 2024


In Modern world , it is the world of Internet and digitalization . Everything is changing quickly. The pattern of education is also changes in modern scenario. Education is also changes from traditionally to digitalization . Basically the tools for the teaching changes rapidly . Online Teaching tools for teacher and the students currently taken the revolution in modern education system in the World . Its very beneficial as well as revolutionary process in nowdays . In this article we will discuss about Online Teaching Tools for Teachers

The Advantages of Online Teaching Tools are as Follow -

  1. Flexible Time  – Basically the First Advantage of online teaching tools is flexibility. Online teaching classes can be taken from Anywhere  and anytime . There is no time boundation that you can take classes only this or that time. You can take classes when you feels free. Now days  a working professional can take easily classes even when he/she working.

2. Cost Saving Process – Online Teaching Tools provides not only Flexibility to the students and Teachers but these are Cost Saving in comparison of traditional classrooms and teaching process. Only an Internet and a laptop is require for taking online classes and using all of these tools .

3 Continue Updated Content – You can Continue update your content according to the demand of the Market or the requirement of the teachers and the students. You can use different types of tools for updating the content like edpuzzle , screencast o matic or canva .

4. Learn individually –You can learn individually from online teaching tools . There is no disturbance will be create when someone takes online class from these tools . You can learn from anytime and anywhere from these tools nobody will be distract you when you takes online classes and uses these tools . 

5. Easily Communication Process – It is another benefit for online teaching tools that you can easily communicate with the professor or the students when you takes or give the class to the students. Nobody can disturb or distract you . You can easily solve your doubts and make the learning process easy. 

Barriers of Online Teaching Tools –

There are lots of advantages of online teaching process along with that there are some barriers and challenges arises when you takes the classes or give the classes to the students . There are  technical barrier can be arise . Internet process can be slow when given the classes to the students . along with that teaching from online tools can be costly in comparison of traditional teaching method. Some of the teachers as well as students are not comfortable to buy all of these online teaching tools due to high cost . Sometime Communication problem arises when using these tools . Sometimes student or a teacher not able to understand or communicate each other due to technical errors . all of these types of errors arises using these tools . 

Conclusion –

After analysis of advantages and disadvantages , we can say that online teaching tools are the boom in modern education system. Online Teaching tools like google classroom , dozo , zoom , kahoot  , classey ect has given new future for the teachers as well as students. If we will utilize and use these online teaching tools perfectly , these will boost our education system . 


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