DRO application in conventional machine tools

DRO application in conventional machine tools

April 06, 2023

2/3 Axis Digital Readout Display DRO Display
Digital Readout(2 Axis/3 Axis)
1.Measuring travel: 0-10020mm
2.Accuracy class: = ± 1um
3.Measurement standards: engraved glass grating
4.Operating voltage: 5V ± 5% DC
5.Working speed: =1m / S (1um)
6.Acceleration: = 60m / s²
7.Reference Operating Humidity: = 90RH
8.Grating pitch: 20um (0.020mm)
9.Measurement procedure: Incremental
10.Signal mode: TTL
11.Circuit characteristics: NPN
12.Grating measurement system: transmission infrared optical measurement system, infrared wavelength 940nm
13.Scanning frequency: =28kHz
14.Anti-vibration: 50Hz-2KHz, = 180m / s²
15.Impact: 16ms, = 600m / s²
16.Displacement frictional resistance: = 5N
17.Protection class: IP53 / IP64
18.Signal electrical connection: independent adapter cable (2.5M / 3M / 4M / 5M, = 100M, can be connected to install the block)

Linear Scale Glass type and magnetic type (50-10000mm)
1.Physical length is differnt from the travel length 50/100,150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500, 550,600,650,700,750,800,850,900,950,1000mm 5um.
2.High Precision linear scale
3.Resolution: 5um (0.005mm) 0.0002”
4.Signal: TTL square /wave EIA-442
5.Grating pitch: 0.02mm (50LP/min)
6.Accuracy: ±0.005 mm or 0.0002" (at 20 deg C)
7.Reference marks at interval of 50mm
8.Response Speed: 60m/min or 40ins/sec
Note: Buyers may choose any scale measuring length under 1000mm at this price.In fact,The scale can be made from 0-3000mm.Scale length above refers to the real travel of the linear scale. Actual physical length is 141mm longer than travel. One inch equuals to 25.4mm.

-The sliding part adopts the five-bearing system which has been proved to be the most reliable and durable. The main grating adopts 90-degree assembly, which is more accurate and accurate. -The repeatability of the measurement is more stable.
-The signal line adopts multi-layer isolation steel and metal soft shell protection, waterproof and anti-interference fine.
-Ruler body with aluminum die-casting, hard chrome plating, corrosion-resistant.
-Dust bar with special plastic, corrosion resistance, scratch resistance, friction resistance.
-Parts individual, installation, maintenance, easy maintenance, waterproof, dust-proof good, long service life.
-The sensor uses a glass precision metrology grating as the measurement reference.
-Multi-function, easy to operate, reliable and durable, so that the necessary processing of mechanical products

Package Included:
(Axis digital readout including 1 x Axis digital readout,1 x set of brackets,1 x cable,1 x user manual)
TTL linear scale includes 1 x linear scale,1 x L plate,1 x bracket,1 x bag of screw)

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