DRO application in machine tool industry

DRO application in machine tool industry

February 02, 2024

  • Type/Name of machine in which DRO to be installed because for EDM or CNC Wirecut Machine display will be different
  • 2 axis or 3 axes
  • Resolution 0.001/0.005 mm or 1/5 Micron
  • Glass scales or magnetic scales
  • Installation required or they will do it on their behalf
  • Check the location also because while sending person for installation then cost may vary as per geographical location of company and type of machine also an important and we can judge the expected time or work for that particular machine
  • Need to get the photos or the machine in which DRO to be installed
  • Exact Travel of table/Wedge to identify the lengths of scales to be fitted and if scales are already fitted then we need to ask End to End length of the scale, Brand of the scale/Display and exact travel of the table
  • Need to have full company details filled in the lead so that we can generate the quote for this
  • Also should mention exact sizes/Models of the item in Product line of lead once these things clarified with the customer
  • Final submission of the quote
  • Must keep a reminder in that lead for future follow up
  • If deal gets close then dispatch of Items and followed by deputation of service person to company the work
  • After completion google review must be taken by customer and installation report must be signed by person with his mobile no and name to close this lead

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