Explore Fine Material Options for Lip Balm Display Boxes

Explore Fine Material Options for Lip Balm Display Boxes

February 27, 2024

Lip balms come under the important cosmetic products and need packaging that further elevates their market value. Brands also grasp the vitality of lip balm products and need boxes to secure them and effectively display them on shelves. Moreover, marketing stands as the basic packaging need that any brand hopes to achieve to raise its clientele. All the cosmetic brands aspiring for market growth turn to lip balm display boxes to effectively exhibit their products. These boxes placed on counters and various types of shelves, work their magic and attract customers with their appeal. The use of fine materials is deemed necessary to create lasting lip balm display wholesale packaging

Material Types to Create Lip Balm Display Boxes

It takes a lot to create lip balm boxes that do their job by ensuring the safety of items and marketing them effectively. The use of fine materials is considered important in creating such boxes. These materials elevate the perceived value of the brands and offer durability for long-term usage. The different types of materials for lip balm display boxes include: 

  • Card Stock
  • Corrugated
  • Kraft

Let’s discuss each of these material options one by one: 

  1. Card Stock 

This material ranks among the most utilized in any packaging, including lip balm display boxes. Card stock creates its market worth for being highly durable, eco-friendly, and recyclable. Their high quality makes them apt for creating premium, special, and limited-edition boxes. Moreover, the high-end texture appeal raises the perceived value of the brands. 

  1. Corrugated

With 90 flutes per foot of lining at the interior, corrugated ranks among the high-quality packaging materials. It ensures the safe delivery of products by offering high levels of safety with its exceptional material strength. The multiple layers give a cushioning effect to the packed items and prevent wear and tear during shipping or storage. 

  1. Kraft

Kraft stands as another important packaging material. It creates its market worth with durability that ensures safe delivery and long storage spans. It comes in brown in its natural form but can also be colored as per the demands. It ranks among a few eco-friendly and recyclable materials and the natural brown color stands fit to display its ecological quality.   


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