Feel-Good Shows to Watch for a Comforting Eve!

Feel-Good Shows to Watch for a Comforting Eve!

February 26, 2024


For most of us, life’s not easy seven days a week. But we certainly know how to deal with it and not let it get to our heads. Every time a bad day hits us real bad, it calls for a cosy snuggle in the bed with a feel-good show to binge-watch. Sure, life sucks at some points, but you can always swap your world with that pretty girl newly moved for a fresh start in Paris! These light-hearted shows always turn out to be the best escapes after tough routines. We’re sure you have many of them added to your ‘watch later’ list already, but we’ve got a few more suggestions never to let you run out of options! ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ is such a given, so we’re assuming you either have already watched it or have it on your list for sure! Other than that, here are some of the best series that are going to be your comfort shows of all time once you put on that first episode. 

Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris is the exact show that we were referring to! It’s a rom-com drama series starring Lily Collins as Emily and a bunch of other fun, exciting, and hot characters. Emily, as a marketing executive from the US, joins a French marketing firm to give an American point of view on work. With Emily’s dream job, struggles of moving to a new place, and exciting twists and turns in her love life, this show is an absolute treat to watch. Three seasons of the show are wildly streaming on Netflix, with the 4th one on its way. Grab your popcorn and get ready for a fun binge-watching session! 

Jane the Virgin

Jane the Virgin is hands down our favourite TV show when it comes to pleasant vibes, drama, comedy, romance, and anything else you want in a good series. It’s an American telenovela with Gina Rodriguez and Justin Baldoni as lead characters, making it a must-watch just by their presence. The story revolves around 23-year-old Jane, who decides to stay a virgin until married but turns up pregnant by accidental artificial insemination. The fun part is that the sperm donor is her boss and ex-crush! From sweet romance to murders and drug dealers to struggles of motherhood, you get literally everything in this one TV show. Buckle up to dive into this exciting storyline with five seasons, 100 episodes, and unlimited emotions!

Sex Education

Without leaving the element of comedy behind, Sex Education does educate you about many things you never knew. Boldly addressing sexual issues and problems, the story revolves around Otis, a high school student who’s socially awkward and lacks skills in lovemaking. Living with his sex therapist mom and surrounded by open conversations and manuals about sex, he found himself an expert on the topic. Otis starts a sex therapy clinic at school with Maeve, a baddie at school who knows how to get her way with things. The story unfolds with him helping his classmates with different sexual problems, a twisted love story of his own, and Otis’s realization to take therapy himself! 

Virgin River

When you’re in search of a heartfelt show, Virgin River is the one for you! It’s a romantic drama with Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda Monroe and Martin Henderson as Jack Sheridan in the lead roles. Mel, a nursing practitioner, moves to Virgin River, a small town in the hills after her husband dies for a fresh start. There, she meets Jack, who owns a bar, and many other people she never expected to form such bonds with. You’d come across a lot of medical stuff, drug dealing, and die-hard romance in this show, where two individuals with different life traumas find their way together. The show is based on Virgin River Novels, which have a separate fan following as well. If you prefer reading novels to watching shows made out of them, you can get a copy from any nearest store. You can also bag great deals on your purchases via discount sites such as TopVoucherCodes. 

Ginny & Georgia 

Talk about empowered women, and we think straight about Georgia Miller! Apart from being Ginny’s mother, she’s bold, independent, fearless, and absolutely unapologetic in anything she does. Georgia, along with her two children, has been on the run for years from one town or city to another when they finally decide to settle down in a New England town. This American comedy-drama will definitely give you that empowered feeling with a peek into the mother-daughter relationship. We bet there’s not even a single scene that’ll bore you. Get yourself some snacks and drinks and settle on your couch to watch the entire two seasons of this stupendous show in one go! 


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