How Can I Delete My Cash App Account?

How Can I Delete My Cash App Account?

January 03, 2024

Cash App is a digital payment app that allows you to send or receive money online. In case you're planning to switch to another platform and want to close cash app account, you're in the right place.

In this article, we will walk you through a detailed guide on ‘how to delete a cashapp account?’, along with other related information.

Can you delete a cash app account?

Before we tell you how to delete cash app account, you must be wondering whether you can close your Cash App account in the first place.

Yes, you can delete your Cash App account easily by following a few simple steps.

Moreover, before you get the answer to your question, ‘how do i delete my cash app account?’, you must make sure that your account is empty of funds. Otherwise, you might risk losing any existing balance in your account.

Now, how to delete a cash app account?

Here’s how to close cash app account in just a few simple steps:

  • On the Cash App homepage, visit the profile icon and scroll down to the ‘Support’ tab. 
  • Now, tap the ‘Something Else’ option under the Browse section. 
  • Click the ‘Edit Account Settings’ tab and then, the ‘Close Your Cash App Account’ tab. 
  • Lastly, tap ‘Confirm’ to delete cashapp account. 

Does deleting the Cash App also close the Cash App account? 

No, deleting the Cash App app won't affect your account. Here’s how to delete cash app:

  • Simply long-press the Cash App app icon on your home screen. 
  • Tap the ‘remove app’ tab. 
  • Lastly, tap the ‘delete the app’ option. You're done. 

Factors You Must Remember 

Now that we have told you how to delete cashapp account, let's look at a few factors you must remember before deleting your Cash App account: 

  • Transfer all the money from your Cash App account.
  • Do not use or share a $Cashtag to receive payments. 
  • Cancel all recurring payments and subscriptions linked to your wallet.
  • Download the Cash App transaction history because you won't be able to access it once you delete cash app account. 

Cash App Customer Support 

If you face any trouble while deleting your account, you can access Cash App Customer Support via phone, app or email.  You can enter your query as ‘how to delete my cashapp account?’ in the helpdesk section.  

To conclude 

This article takes you through a step-by-step guide on how to delete cash app account within a few minutes, along with a few factors that you must keep in mind before deleting your Cash App account. 

Also, you can raise your query as ‘how to delete my cash app account?’ to the Cash App customer support for further assistance. 

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