How Do I Add a Family Member to my Lufthansa Miles and More?

How Do I Add a Family Member to my Lufthansa Miles and More?

May 11, 2024

Each airline has its loyalty program, which provides several benefits and advantages with miles and vouchers. All these benefits work towards the betterment of the journey and to make it more comfortable and pleasant. Lufthansa also has a frequent flyer program called Miles & More; it also makes sure that whoever is a member of this program has an amazing journey and does not have to go through any inconvenience. The members of this program will also be able to add other family members to this account so they can also have the same benefits. However, for that, you need to know more about this process and how it can be done, and we will explain this further in this read.

Mileage Pooling: Miles & More has this service of including others in the account so they can have these facilities and be able to make the journey pleasant. With mileage pooling, they permit two adults and five children to combine their miles to make one mileage pool, which will be free of charge. This will help you collect more miles in a short time and make it grow. The process to add a family member to the program is given below: 

Visit the official website of Lufthansa Airlines. 
Click on the login option at the top right corner. 
Add the login credentials to open the account, and scroll down to the Customer Service section. 
Select Miles & More from the given options and navigate to the menu. 
You need to pick Add Member from the section, and a form will appear. 
Fill in all the personal and other required details of the member. 
Follow the further instructions and complete the process. 

Can you share Lufthansa Miles with your Family?

Yes, you can use your Lufthansa Miles with family members by using Mileage Pooling. This process helps you combine your miles with another member of the program, and once they are combined, they can be used to avail of any service. 

Can I transfer my Lufthansa miles to another person?

Your miles that are available in the Miles & More program can be transferred only to the other family member who is also a member of the program and added to Mileage Pooling. You cannot transfer miles to another person who is not a part of the program.

How Do I Transfer Lufthansa Points?

Your Lufthansa points cannot be transferred to another Frequent Flyer program member. This process is not possible; however, you can combine them with another member and use them to avail of a particular service during the journey. These points and miles can only be used to access and use facilities related to the flight for any member traveling with Lufthansa. 

Can I use Lufthansa miles and more on United?

Being an active member of Miles & More, whatever you earn with the program can be used to make upgrades or modifications on United flights. 

How much are 10,000 Lufthansa miles worth? 

These miles can be used to make any modification, buy services, or even pay for the flight ticket, depending on the price, without paying any extra amount. 

Can I use Lufthansa Miles for someone else?

With your miles, you can book flights, make upgrades, or make any modifications to the flight ticket for your family members who are also members of Miles & More. 

Can I transfer my Lufthansa miles to another person?

It is not possible to transfer miles from your Miles & More account to another person, whether they are a member of the Loyalty Program or not. If you have more queries and doubts about this, then you can contact Lufthansa's customer service executives.

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