How do I Check Sim Owners Details

How do I Check Sim Owners Details

March 18, 2024

Sim Owner Details website 200+ feature is given below: 

Contact admin:

For All Nadra works :

Contact number


Looking at the problems faced by millions of Pakistan’s or those living abroad can easily get ownership details via a paid login website.




If you are looking to find out the total number of SIMs registered against CNIC. You may follow the following steps to get it done:


Open up your browser and type in

Enter CNIC for Pakistani citizens and click verify.

Keep in mind to remove dashes only enter numbers.

For Foreign ID, Select Foreign ID Menu and enter your identity number into the search box and verify.

Once you have entered. You will be shown all the numbers that are registered against your number.



Many individuals have this question in mind. Why would I search my CNIC number on this website to check how many SIMs are registered against my number? But, the fact is. There are lots of attackers and malicious guys in the community. You never know. You may have a registered SIM card against your CNIC but you never know.


Who knows if it is used against you for any type of work? Who is responsible? So, it's better to keep yourself safe from malicious guys and keep checking for updates.

Our paid website with all feature:


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