How do Jackets become a part of Fashion Trends?

How do Jackets become a part of Fashion Trends?

November 24, 2022

Huge research has been done to develop the thought in the ancient era that made people start wearing clothes. 

Changes are human behaviour, and we began discovering garments like shirts, pants, trousers, etc. 

The usage of long upper wear to cover the lower parts remains in fashion. But, still, one thing remains the same in winter, that is Jackets. 

It is not only masculine but is used widely by females too. 

What makes them always fashionable and how it becomes a part of our clothing is a topic we will discuss in this article. Along with this, we will see what types of jackets are in trend and why they are preferred in winter.


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What is the Winter Jacket & How do they come into knowledge?

The jackets are upper-body garments that usually have a length below the hips. 

It is a widely used apparel used by both men and women. 

Since the beginning of the 13th century, they have been one of the most worn clothing worldwide. 

The jacket is derived from the French word Jacquette, which means similar to it. 

It is used for various purposes by both military and civilians dynamically. It can be compared to a coat for its length and outlook, but a coat is the standard version of these jackets. 

It was a compulsory dressing garment for the armed forces in the old era. And due to massive historical connections, it is continually ruling the clothing market and is a preferable costume for winter. 

It is generally light-weighted and of tight-fitting to stick to the body and save the organs from the wind. 

It can be used for both Fashionable outfits or Protective clothing purposes. 

It can also come with a sleeveless option to use as a vest. But how are they warm the human body? Which fabric or material are they made of? These are some questions; we will try to elaborate on next. 


How Jackets Prevent the Body from Freezing Temperature?

Numerous skin-friendly fabrics are available in the market to make winter jackets. 

The rising temperature and fashion trends pressurise manufacturers to create new blends to make the jackets more light-weighted and warm. 

Some of the most commonly used fabrics used for making winter jackets are:


Although, it is not a good option for winter jackets, due to its time-consuming drying capability. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable fabric to ease movement and not react with your skin. They may usually be significantly thicker than standard fabrics and are a bit out of fashion, but they will surely benefit in the winter.


 Wool is one of the oldest fabrics we use to make winter clothing. Its similar qualities to cotton, and the addition of warmth and fast drying, make it preferable in the Winter Jacket sector.


Polyester is a hydrophobic fabric, and because of this, it repels water and moisture. It won’t get wet by your sweat and don’t react with your skin. It is also very lightweight; thus, all the jackets made of it are beautiful. It is a plasticised material that doesn’t allow wind to pass through it. It is massively vulnerable to high temperatures and is used for biking and hiking purposes. And, thus is the most preferred material for a winter jacket.


Nylon is also known as polyamide, a synthetic fibre that is very similar to polyester. Its thin and water-resistant material helps it not get affected by moisture. It doesn’t have pores, and hence it resists air crossing it. Its material is very smooth and won’t scratch or hurts your skin. A drawback of this material is that when its surface gets wet, it won’t dry quickly and takes time.


Silk is the softest material used to manufacture jackets. Its nice texture and fine threads feel comfortable and have mild water resistance. But it won’t provide the massive warmth you can expect from wool and fleece. But, due to its dynamic specifications, its usage makes the jacket costly.

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The fleece is an advanced polyester fabric, that is warm like wool and soft like cotton. Along with this, it is also water, and humidity resistant. It is capable of fast drying and is adaptable to the skin. It is thin and lightweight but still doesn’t allow the air to pass through it. Its tendency to warm the body and climate adaptability makes it the No.1 choice for winter jackets.

Various Types of Winter Jackets that Always Remains in Trend

Jackets are one of the garments that are used all over the world. 

From the Western culture to the Asian region, they are fashion sensations in every country. 

Now the temperature varies from place to place like Antarctic cold can’t be compared with India’s winter. 

So, to make it useful everywhere, numerous types of jackets are available for both men and women. Let’s see some of the most common winter jackets:


A Hungary-based fashion trend, Attila is widely used for its classy designs and warmness. In simple language, they are basically short coats or shell-jacket decorated with lace and knots. Both villagers and nobles use it to maintain fashion and styling.

Ball Jacket 

These Jackets is a baseball or football apparel used for casual clothing. The dashing knitted cuffs, waistband, collar, and zippered front makes it looks classy. It is one of the most fashionable and trending jackets nowadays.


Blazers are basically a non-formal version of coats. They are designed with naval-style buttons to give them a classy appearance and to show their origin. They can be multicoloured or decorated with striping to give them a sporty look.


It is also known as Blouse jacket because it gets tightened to waist, due to which it comes out from the waistband. It was first used in Military or Air Force uniforms. But, due to its fashion trends is widely used by civilians to get warm with style.

Bomber Jacket

The Bomber Jacket is basically a classier and definitive version of the Blouson Jacket. It is also known as a flight jacket because it was designed for pilots. It is warm and comfortable and makes you a fashion figure. More of the fashion trends make these jackets preferable in the market.

Chore Jacket

A Chore jacket is a fabulous winter jacket, more looks more like a denim jacket but is a bit longer than ordinary jackets. It is designed for females because of its pretty knits. From a historical connection, it gained popularity in the 20th century, when it was used as intelligent, warm casual attire.

Donkey Jacket

It is a popular winter jacket styling for its outstanding resistance to cold. It is a PVC rain-protected jacket from the back and shoulders and is made of melton woollen fabric. It contains two massive pockets to put essentials in it. And, it is slightly bent for the protective purpose of styling.

Down or Puffer Jacket

The puffer or down jacket is one of the most followed fashion industry products, due to the perfect match of warmness and styling. It is a coat tightly packed with fur to insulate the body. It captures the heat inside it and hence helps to keep you warm. And its smooth outing is stitched to make it fashionable. 


A Gilet or body warmer is a sleeveless jacket that closely packs the body to warm it. It helps capture the body’s warmth near the skin and thus, is used widely by bikers, etc. The jacket is trending in fashion because of its massive sales. It is designed for both males and females, giving a rich look after wearing it.


It is a highly demandable and one of the fashionable jackets for females. It is a coat with a hood made up of fur. It is dynamic and extended; its design and stitching capture the heat inside and warm you. It is usually waterproof and doesn’t let water on its surface. It is made up of smooth fabric and doesn’t do irritation to the skin at all.

Leather Jacket

If you love biking or know fashion, you may know it. Because of its Gantsa looks and outstanding chroming, it attracts everyone’s attention. It is highly used in movies because of its appealing looks. And thus, it is one of the selling winter jackets.

Jean or Denim Jacket

It is one of the excellent fashion jackets that both males and females widely use. It gives you a classy appearance, and its denim cloth makes you warm. Its body-fitting stitching and mesmerising colours attract attention. If you know fashion, you are aware of its craze among youngsters.


Fashion is not about clothes; it is about confidence. 

So, you can be a fashion sensation if you believe you can. 

However, there are numerous other types of jackets available in the market. 

But you can consider one of these to make you noticeable in a crowd. 

And, if you are going to buy one of them, make sure its quality will be good enough to protect you from high temperatures and don’t compromise your looks to fulfil that.


Do Leather Jackets keep me warm in cold?

Yes! it is designed to stop the wind, but make sure you wear enough clothes inside it.

What are the prices of Denim jackets?

There are numerous brands selling these jackets, you can avail of them in a price range of ₹400 to ₹2000 from online stores.

What is the price of the Woodland Winter Jacket?

You can get the woodland winter jacket in a price range of ₹5,000 to ₹30,000 from their official site.

Can women also wear a denim jacket?

Of course! Various brands are making various brilliant designs and patterns on denim jackets to make them look prettier on women.


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