How Does Seat Selection Work on Allegiant?

How Does Seat Selection Work on Allegiant?

June 04, 2024

How Does Seat Selection Work on Allegiant?


Airtrips are exciting, but getting seats of your choice adds to your traveling delight. Understanding this, Allegiant Air allows you to grab seats as per your preference. So, you can select seats at the time of reservation or after booking.

To know more about Allegiant Airlines seat selection and how it works, scroll down. 

Understanding the Seat Selection on Allegiant Airlines Flights


With Allegiant Air seat selection, you can grab your favorite seats onboard. The seat selection policy by the airline facilitates you to pick your favorite spot on its flight. So, you can go for an aisle seat, a window seat, one with extra legroom, and the like. 

To know how the seat selection works on Allegiant, go through the following points - 

  • It is not mandatory to select seats on Allegiant flights. 
  • If you don’t pick your seats while booking, the airline assigns you the available ones at check-in. 
  • Those traveling with families or in a group can book their seats in advance to sit together. The airline assigns you seats at your check-in, whether online or at the airport. 
  • Online check-in helps you see your seats assigned and even get an upgrade. 
  • If your boarding pass is printed, you can’t change the seat assignment. 

How Can I Select My Seat with Allegiant Air? 


The process of selecting seats is easy and you can do it online or offline as per your convenience. To grab your most preferred seats on Allegiant Air's flights, follow the methods as mentioned below - 

  • Online Seat Selection

    Visit the official website of Allegiant Air. 
  • Click on the tabs - 'Manage Travel' or 'Check-In.'
  • Enter your booking confirmation number and last name.
  • Find your itinerary.
  • Look for the option of Add Seats.
  • Select your preferred seats from the seat map.
  • Make the payment required. 

  • Offline Seat Selection

    Dial Allegiant Air’s customer service at  [+1-888-356-5440] 
  • Get in touch with the customer service representative of the airline.
  • Convey your seat selection requirement.
  • Share the details required. 
  • Pay the amount. 

What is the Allegiant Air Seat Selection Cost?

The seat selection charges vary on Allegiant Airlines. The factors that affect the seat selection charges include seat type, travel season, and the flight route. 

Seats that have extra legroom or those towards the front side of the cabin are more expensive than the standard seat locations.

Can I Select Allegiant Seats after Booking? 

Yes, the airline facilitates you to grab your seats even after you have completed the booking process. Simply go to the 'Manage Travel' section, follow the prompts, and your seat will be booked for you. 

Please note

You can log in to the Manage Travel section to buy or change seats on the existing Allegiant Airlines booking that you have. 

Wrapping Up


Therefore, you can grab your seats at nominal charges when flying on Allegiant flights. Make sure to choose seats while booking. It assures you added comfort and convenience. Also, you can choose seats to sit with your travel companions. 


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