How to Assemble a Cabinet

How to Assemble a Cabinet

April 17, 2024

When the delivery guy delivers furniture unassembled, we see a bunch of different packaging, and it’s terrifying. Especially if it is something large with many details, for example, a wardrobe. Don't panic ahead of time! Assembly is not the most difficult process, but it requires patience and accuracy. How to assemble and install a cabinet with your own hands , read on.

Preparatory measures

Before assembly, complete the following steps.

Check if everything is in place

Make sure you get the complete kit. Standard set: boxes with the main parts of the cabinet (for the roof, bottom, facades), with doors and mirrors, packages with fasteners, fittings, instructions. Carefully inspect each item for damage.

Read the instructions

A huge mistake is trying to figure out how to assemble a cabinet on the fly. This leads to the need to redo part, or even the entire structure. In addition, the risk of damage to furniture parts increases. You must clearly know the sequence of actions, as well as all the subtleties of installation, especially if you have never done such work before.

Sort the parts

It’s difficult to quickly find your way when there are many different parts of the wardrobe and fasteners in front of you. Don't lump everything together. Sort all the parts into groups:

  • roof, base;
  • facades;
  • shelves;
  • drawers;
  • doors;
  • rear end;
  • accessories.

Arrange all these groups in the order in which the work is done.

Prepare your tools

What tools will be useful in assembling a wardrobe:

  • Phillips, flat screwdriver;
  • hexagonal, L-shaped key;
  • hammer;
  • drill, wood drills;
  • tape measure, ruler, pencil, level;
  • screwdriver

So, everything is ready, you can start execution.

Stages of assembling a two-door wardrobe with your own hands

It is difficult to do the job accurately and efficiently alone. Find an assistant: he holds the structures, you secure them. Also, immediately pay attention to the ends of the boards: some are lined with an edge, others are not. It is logical that the first ones are placed with the front side, and the second ones are adjacent to the walls, where they are not visible.

Base assembly

The cabinet is assembled from the base, if provided. It is fixed with plastic clips (removable base) or mounting angles (non-removable). Attach them strictly according to the markings. If they are not there, apply them with a pencil. Attach the legs to the outside with 3.5x15 screws and cover them with a plinth.

When making the markings yourself, measure the diagonals between the marks: if they are equal, then everything is correct. Check the height of the legs with a level.

Frame assembly

The housing is installed on the finished base. You can assemble horizontally or vertically, whichever is more convenient. The first option will make the work easier, allow you to do it without an assistant and maintain the integrity of the parts. But there is a minus - you will have to lift the wardrobe, which is difficult and requires a lot of space in the room.

When assembling horizontally, lay the base and fix the side, middle parts and roof to it. Do not overtighten the fasteners. Check that all elements are level. If yes, then feel free to tighten the hardware.

Vertical assembly without an assistant is risky. The structure will fall apart during execution and the parts will be damaged. The cabinet is assembled similarly to the horizontal method, only in a standing position. The roof and side parts of the furniture are fastened with confirmations and eccentric ties. But if there are no markings, it is better to choose a mounting corner.

The roof is fixed inside or outside. If an external option is provided, and the gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling is too small, fastening is only possible with horizontal assembly.

Assembling the “filling”

The internal filling of a sliding wardrobe traditionally consists of shelves (removable or fixed), which are attached at different distances depending on what is planned to be stored on them. Then the “filling” is supplemented with other storage systems at the owner’s choice. Removable shelves are installed on special holders, and non-removable ones are fixed with corners, confirmations, and eccentrics.

Consider the following important point: if the closet has two types of shelves, attach them alternating with each other. So, the structure will be much more stable. After all, non-removable shelves are additional support for the compartment frame. If there are drawers, assemble them and screw in the guides that will allow them to slide out.

Rear Assembly

The back part, as well as the base, may be missing from the wardrobe if it is a built-in model. In this case, its role is played by the wall of the room. Typically the back is a thin fiberboard panel. Attach it with 4×16 self-tapping screws or special fittings included in the package.

Before installing this panel, make sure that the diagonals of the cabinet are equal. Use a tape measure. The permissible error is 5 mm per 1 m. If there are discrepancies, it is still possible to make adjustments until the back wall is installed. Fix the sheet around the entire perimeter, maintaining a distance between screws of at least 15 cm.

Installation of guides

Guides are the elements on which wardrobe doors slide. Fastened with 3.5×15 screws with a hidden head. Start installation from the top. Mount the skid so that it is level with the roof. If the holes are not made at the factory, take care of this yourself by maintaining a distance of 30 cm between them.

Screw the lower runner unevenly along the edge, and with an indentation of about 2 cm; the manufacturer indicates the exact distance in the instructions. To do this, slide the door into the top track, then into the bottom track, and slide the bottom track until the vertical position is level. Mount the door stop at the bottom.

Door installation

Insert the upper part of the rear door of the wardrobe into the rear groove of the upper rail, and insert the lower part into the groove from below. Repeat this with the front door. There is a screw for adjustment near their wheels. If you see that the corner of the door needs to be raised, turn it clockwise, and if you need to lower it, then in the opposite direction. And at the end, stick a buffer tape along the edges, which protects the walls of the furniture from door impacts.

If this is a regular closet with hinged doors, the procedure is different. On the inside of the canvas, mark the place where you will install the loop - you need to step back approximately 8-15 cm from the edge. To do this, attach the plank to the board where it should be and make a mark. Next, drill a hole and secure the hinge.

Then place the door against the body, making sure there are no gaps. Do the same for the opposite side of the strip, which is placed on the inside wall of the cabinet. Connect the two loops by tightening them tightly with a screwdriver.

Installation of fittings

Install the rod at a distance of 15-20 cm from the roof of the wardrobe or top shelf. Make marks on the sides to ensure it is attached straight. Use 3.5×15 screws for installation. Next, fix additional storage systems, if provided, for example, trousers, pantographs, hooks, organizers.

The nuances of installing different fasteners

Having decided to assemble a cabinet yourself, you need to clearly know how to properly attach different types of hardware.

For example, questions arise with wooden dowels. Many people are interested in whether it is worth gluing them to increase the strength of the fasteners. In fact, the glue does not affect the stability of the structure in any way and does not make the fixation stronger. There is no need for sizing. But this will create difficulties: if you want to disassemble the cabinet in the future, you will hardly be able to do it without damage.

Dowels are inserted only into holes located on the plane of the boards, but not at the ends, otherwise the panel will simply crack. Drive them in carefully with a rubber hammer or screw them in by hand. If you only have an iron hammer at hand, act doubly carefully so as not to pierce the board or break the fastening.

Among the hardware there are also minifixes. Their rods are fixed with a Phillips screwdriver. It is better not to use a screwdriver: there is a high risk of turning it into the crack, and then the board will not be secured securely. Once the rods are fully seated in the holes, install the eccentric discs. This sequence of actions will make assembly easier.

As for confirmations, do not tighten them too much, applying a lot of force. Otherwise, the screw will turn in the gap. If this cannot be avoided, you can insert regular matches to seal.

Cabinets with assembly from Epic WoodWork Company

The Epic Wood Work Company in Dallas Texas produces furniture according to individual designs and sizes for any room: kitchen, bedroom, living room, children's room, hallway, bathroom or balcony. We use high-quality materials and reliable fittings. Each product comes with an official guarantee.

In particular, we design and manufacture regular wardrobes and custom wardrobes. In addition to manufacturing, we provide furniture delivery and assembly services. Experienced assemblers perform work strictly in accordance with the instructions, act carefully, avoiding damage.

You don’t have to worry about doing something wrong, delve into the intricacies of assembly, look for the necessary tools, and generally waste your free time. The craftsmen will quickly and accurately assemble the cabinet, carefully install the mirrors, and adjust the doors perfectly. The result of the assemblers' work is also guaranteed.

You can order the manufacture and assembly of a cabinet on the website or by calling us by phone.

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