How to Choose the Best Mother's Day Flowers 2024

How to Choose the Best Mother's Day Flowers 2024

May 15, 2024

Mother's Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women who raised us, showering them with love and appreciation. Flowers are a classic expression of love and gratitude, but with so many options available, choosing the perfect bouquet can feel overwhelming. Fear not! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge to select the best Mother's Day flowers for the special woman in your life in 2024.

How to Choose the Best Mother's Day Flowers 

Understanding Mom's Preferences:

Before diving into specific blooms, consider your mom's personality and preferences. Here are some questions to guide your selection:

  • Favourite Flowers: Does Mom have a favourite flower or colour? Knowing her preference can be a great starting point.
  • Style Preference: Does she prefer classic and elegant arrangements or something more modern and vibrant?
  • Care and Maintenance: Consider your mom's lifestyle. If she's busy, low-maintenance flowers like orchids might be ideal.
  • Symbolism of Flowers: Different flowers carry symbolic meanings. For example, roses represent love and appreciation, lilies symbolise purity and devotion, and carnations signify gratitude and warmth.

Popular Mother's Day Flower Choices:

Now, let's explore some popular Mother's Day flower options:

  • Roses: The quintessential symbol of love and appreciation, roses are always a safe bet for Mom. Choose from classic red roses, elegant pink roses, or a vibrant mix of colours to suit her personality.
  • Lilies: Elegant and fragrant, lilies come in various colours and symbolise purity, devotion, and motherhood. Oriental lilies offer a bold statement, while Asiatic lilies provide a more delicate touch.
  • Tulips: These cheerful blooms symbolise perfect love and happiness. Their vibrant colours and long-lasting nature make them a delightful Mother's Day gift.
  • Carnations: Affordable and available in diverse colours, carnations symbolise gratitude and warmth. They come in various shades, making it easy to find a colour that reflects your feelings.
  • Hydrangeas: These full and fluffy blooms symbolise appreciation and gratitude. They come in various shades, from classic blue and purple to pink and green, adding a touch of elegance to any arrangement.
  • Mixed Bouquets: Can't decide on just one flower? A beautifully arranged mixed bouquet featuring a combination of her favourites or complementary blooms can be a stunning and personal choice.

Additional Considerations for Choosing Mother's Day Flowers:

  • Flower Colour: Colours evoke different emotions. Red and pink symbolise love, while yellow represents joy and friendship. Consider your message and choose the colours that best express your feelings.
  • Fragrance: Does Mom enjoy fragrant flowers? If so, lilies, hyacinths, and freesia offer delightful aromas. However, some people have allergies or sensitivities, so consider her preferences.
  • Vase Life: Think about how long Mom typically enjoys displaying flowers. Choose varieties known for their longevity, such as lilies, tulips, or chrysanthemums.
  • Local vs. Online Ordering: Local florists often offer unique and personalised touches, while online vendors provide convenience and broader selection. Weigh the pros and cons based on your needs.

Mother's Day Flower Care Tips:

  • Freshness is Key: Ensure the flowers are fresh and free of any damage or wilting.
  • Proper Trimming: Have the florist trim the stems at a diagonal angle before placing them in a clean vase filled with fresh water.
  • Water and Sunlight: Follow the florist's recommendations for watering frequency and sunlight exposure to maximise the vase life of the flowers.

Creative Mother's Day Flower Ideas:

  • Planted Flowers: Consider gifting a potted plant that Mom can enjoy long after Mother's Day. Blooming orchids or hyacinths are beautiful and low-maintenance options.
  • DIY Arrangements: If you're feeling crafty, create a personalised bouquet using flowers from your garden or purchased from a local florist.
  • Flower Delivery with a Gift: Combine a beautiful bouquet with a thoughtful gift, like chocolates, a heartfelt card, or a spa gift certificate.



Choosing the perfect Mother's Day flowers for your mom requires thoughtfulness and consideration of her preferences. By understanding her style, favourite blooms, and symbolic meanings, you can select a bouquet that truly expresses your love and appreciation. Remember, the sentiment behind the gift is what truly matters, but a beautifully chosen arrangement adds a special touch to your Mother's Day celebration.

Celebrate Mom with the Perfect Flowers:

Whether you choose classic roses, elegant lilies, or a vibrant mix, ensure your Mother's Day flowers are fresh, well-maintained, and accompanied by a heartfelt message. With a little planning and consideration, you can give Mom a gift that will brighten her day and fill her heart with joy.

Bonus Tip: Include a personalised touch to your Mother's Day flowers by adding a handwritten card expressing your love and gratitude for all she does.

Mother's Day Flowers FAQs

  • How far in advance should I order Mother's Day flowers?

To guarantee availability and timely delivery, it's best to order Mother's Day flowers at least a week in advance. However, for popular flower choices or specific delivery times, ordering even earlier might be necessary.

  • What is the average cost of Mother's Day flowers?

The cost of Mother's Day flowers varies depending on the type of flower, size of the bouquet, and the florist you choose. Simple arrangements can range from $30 to $50, while elaborate bouquets with premium flowers can cost upwards of $100 or more.

  • What if I don't know my mom's favourite flowers?

If you're unsure about Mom's favourite flowers, consider these safe bets:

Classic Roses: Always a timeless choice, red roses symbolise love and appreciation, while pink roses convey affection and gratitude.

Mixed Bouquets: Combining various complementary flowers like lilies,  tulips, and hydrangeas creates a vibrant and elegant arrangement. 

Neutral-Colored Flowers: Opt for white lilies, pale pink roses,  or  cream hydrangeas for a sophisticated and timeless look.

  • Can I send flowers to my mom if I live far away?

Absolutely! Many online florists offer nationwide delivery, allowing you to send Mother's Day flowers from anywhere in the world. Just ensure you order well in advance and double-check the delivery address for accuracy.

  • What are some eco-friendly alternatives to traditional flower arrangements?

Consider these options for an eco-conscious Mother's Day gift:

Potted Plants: Gifting a blooming orchid, bonsai tree, or herb garden offers a sustainable and long-lasting option.

Flower Subscriptions: Several companies offer subscriptions that deliver seasonally-grown flowers directly to your mom's doorstep.

Charitable Donations in Her Name: Make a donation to an environmental cause Mom cares about in her honour. 

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