How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Any Occasion?

How to Choose the Perfect Jewelry for Any Occasion?

December 29, 2023

There is no best, only better." It is almost impossible to choose the most beautiful jewelry among the many. Constantly innovating and striving for excellence, the dazzling light emitted by jewelry illuminates our eyes and loses our hearts. How to find your jewelry has become a top priority for beauties.

Think of the classic love quote: "The best is not the best for you, the best for you is the best." The same goes for jewelry.

How to choose, please read the secrets of jewelry decoration

(1)Jewelry and skin color

When choosing what kind of jewelry to wear, you should fully consider your skin tone.

Women with yellow skin are suitable to wear jewelry with warm colors. You can choose red or orange gemstones (such as ruby, garnet, citrine, etc.), which can make the facial color of yellow people more pleasant. In addition, dark green jade and emerald are also suitable for yellow skin.

For women with fair skin, it is suitable to wear jewelry made of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, rose-colored blue topaz, jade, Australian jade, malachite, etc.

Cool-toned (blue, green) gemstones (sapphire, emerald, turquoise, goldstone, etc.) can bring out the beauty and elegance of fair-skinned people. Pink hibiscus stone is especially suitable for young girls with fair skin. Purchasers also save on jewelry and find discount code NHS.

For women with dark skin, it is generally not advisable to wear white or pink gemstones, because these colors that contrast strongly with the skin color can make the skin appear darker. In order to lighten the skin color, you can choose brown or dark beige gemstones (such as citrine, topaz, etc.).

(2) Rings and finger shapes

Although the ring is small, the wearing method is very particular. When wearing the ring, you should consider its matching with the shape of your finger:

If you have slender fingers, you should wear a wide ring, such as a rectangular solitaire, a large butterfly, or a gemstone, which will make the jade finger appear more slender and rounded.

 If you have plump fingers, it is best to wear some rings with no pattern and smaller sizes. It will not highlight the fleshy fingers. Never wear a ring set with gemstones, as it will make your fingers more bloated.

If you have short fingers, you should choose a ring set with a single gemstone. For example, for olive-shaped, pear-shaped, and oval-shaped rings, the ring should not be too wide; if you like a V-shaped ring, it is most suitable for you. Wearing this kind of ring can create an "elongated" effect visually, making you The jade finger look more delicate.

If you have long fingers, you can choose round, pear-shaped, or heart-shaped gemstone rings, you can also choose bold and innovative geometric shapes, or wear two overlapping rings with floral decorations, which can "shorten your jade fingers" ".

If your finger knuckles are thick, it is not suitable to wear a ring set with gemstones, because it will make your knuckles more prominent.

You'd better choose those with graphics and engraved patterns, or wear twisted rope ones. Buyers also check the offers at Amazon discount code NHS.

In addition, if you like to wear more than two rings on one hand or wear several rings on both hands at the same time, you should pay attention to the appropriate matching of thick and thin rings, and the two hands cannot be the same, usually the second on the right and the first on the left.

(3) Matching the necklace with the face shape

 For women with thin faces and slender necks, if they wear a single short necklace, their faces will not look too thin and their necks will not look too long.

For women with round faces and short necks, it is best to wear a slender necklace. If there is a conspicuous large pendant in the middle of the necklace, the effect will be better.

Women with oval faces are best to wear medium-length necklaces. This necklace forms an oval shape on the neck, which can better highlight the beautiful contours of the face. Women with beautiful necks may wear a short necklace with a pendant to highlight the beauty of the neck.

(4) Matching earrings with face shape

Square face is suitable for wearing round or curly line drop earrings, which can soften the edges and corners of the face.

For a round face, wearing zigzag or leaf-shaped hanging earrings can visually create a sense of elongation and make you look delicate.

If you have a heart-shaped face, you should choose earrings with button styles such as triangles and large circles.

For angular faces, it is best to wear hanging earrings that are narrow at the bottom and wide at the bottom to make the thin and pointed lower cheeks look fuller.

(5) Matching earrings with skin color

People with fair skin can choose earrings with brighter colors.

If your skin color is bronze, you can choose earrings with lighter colors.

If your skin tone is darker, silver earrings will have the best effect. Your skin color is yellow, bronze or silver earrings are better. You can also visit at shein discount code NHS.

Must-Have Jewelry Pieces for Every Fashionista

Nowadays, people's consumption concepts are constantly upgrading, and everyone is paying more and more attention to many valuable items. In particular, their jewelry is very important to many people. So what are the tips when choosing jewelry? Today I will discuss it with you.


First, if we choose a ring, then you can cut a small strip of paper with a width of no more than [1 cm]. The edge of the small paper strip must be flat, which can reduce the measurement error, and then wrap the paper strip around your finger. , because your skin is loose, so it needs to be as tight as possible.

Second, then we use our fingers to clamp it, to ensure that the measurement is correct. Now you can hold the measuring paper in one hand, and the ballpoint pen prepared in advance in the other hand, and draw the position of your fingers, so Then you can choose the ring size.

Third, when we choose a necklace, we must try it on ourselves. Because the length and width of the necklace determine whether it looks beautiful on you.

Generally speaking, current necklaces are divided into [45] cm and [48] cm necklaces and [50] cm necklaces. 】Three kinds of centimeters, everyone should choose according to their own.

Fourth, when choosing jewelry, we must pay attention to many details, such as the product specifications, and style. And the quality of the jewelry we choose. Specifically, we must see the specific material content and purity of the jewelry we choose, and also Pay attention to whether the style of jewelry suits us.

Fifth, when we choose jewelry, we need to check whether the color of the jewelry is consistent across the board. If the tones are different, it means the quality is not good.

In addition, we need to check whether the jewelry has any rough spots and whether it feels awkward. When worn on your body. These are very important.

Sixth, when newlyweds get married, they should choose jewelry in an orderly manner. Generally speaking, we buy earrings and rings first because this can have an overall effect. Secondly, we buy necklaces, which are more convenient to match. Finally, we buy bracelets, so that the overall effect is out.

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