How to Claim Compensation on a Westjet Airlines Delayed flight?

How to Claim Compensation on a Westjet Airlines Delayed flight?

June 21, 2024

Don’t worry if your Westjet has been delayed more than 3 hours. We have a solution for you. The following guide will help you claim compensation for delayed flights. 

There might be instances when your Westjet Airlines flights get delayed due to unavoidable circumstances. In such cases, you can claim compensation for the delayed flights, but there must be a delay of more than three hours. Get assistance from the following guide to claim compensation without any difficulty. 

What to do when your Westjet flight has been delayed? 

Stop getting worried if there is a long delay in your flight. You only need to stay connected with us to find what will be the next step in such a situation. Get through the following information to know what you can do after the flight is delayed from the airline’s end. 

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Stay at the airport if there is a long delay in flight as you can claim compensation from the airline if the delay lasts three hours or more. All travelers on WestJet must receive complimentary food and drink in addition to two free phone calls or emails.

  • If there is a long delay, the airline also offers free accommodations to its passengers. 

Proceed further to know how you can claim compensation for a Westjet delayed flight. 

How to Claim Compensation on a Westjet Airlines Delayed Flight?

Looking for the correct instructions to claim compensation from Westjet Airlines? Follow up on the following steps to file a claim on delayed flights at the same airline.

  • Before filing a claim, ensure that you have all the required flight details, such as the flight confirmation code, date and time, and the last name of the passenger.
  • Once you have collected all the information, reach the Westjet Airlines customer service department to inform them about the delayed flight. 
  • Give them all the required information, and be ready to address any queries they might have.
  • You can follow WestJet's special compensation claim procedure with their assistance.
  • This could entail completing Westjet flight delay claim forms, supplying extra supporting paperwork, and meeting deadlines.
  • Make sure you closely adhere to the directions that WestJet has provided.

This way, you can easily claim compensation on delayed flights at Westjet Airlines. 

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