How to contact Cathay Pacific customer service?

How to contact Cathay Pacific customer service?

February 22, 2024

Cathay Pacific helps you in booking a flight ticket to your desired destination along with many other services. Any passenger who is facing any trouble with the airline or needs to get details regarding their reservation can get in touch with Cathay Pacific customer service and they will help you. There are two quick modes through which you can connect with a live person at the airline. If you need any further help, then head over to the airline’s webpage.

Process to reach out to a live person at Cathay Pacific

Via Telephone number - Calling the airline on their telephone is one of the effective ways to get in touch with customer service quickly. When a Cathay’ executive gets connected with you, they will assist you with the problem and provide the answer. If you want to get through with a live person at the airline via telephone number, then go through the mentioned points:

  • Give a call to the telephone number of Cathay Pacific  1 (833) 933-2244.
  • Select the option to connect with customer service.
  • You need to wait until the call is transferred to the live person.
  • First, share your flight details and then discuss about the issue.
  • The executive is going to get you the answer to the query.

Via WhatsApp - Another best way to get a quick response to your query with Cathay Pacific is through the WhatsApp application. You need to type the query and the executive will chat with you until the problem is resolved. To use the live chat option, follow the given instructions:

  • Create a contact of the airline with their whats app number.
  • Open the WhatsApp application and send any message to the airline.
  • Pick any topic from the given options and write about your problem.
  • You will receive an immediate reply with the solution.

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