How to Get the Best Deals on Indian Railway Food Orders

How to Get the Best Deals on Indian Railway Food Orders

November 18, 2023

Can I eat at a train kiosk that offers healthy and clean food? You are in the proper place, then, I must say. ZoopIndia is the only railway company that offers the best Indian Railway Food Order and always caters to your convenient food requirements while traveling by train.

Gone are the days of worrying about food on the train. You no longer need to bring food from home to satisfy your hunger on the train. All Indian train passengers can indulge in delicious home-cooked meals delivered directly to their seats using ZoopIndia. An affordable e-catering service called ZoopIndia caters to passengers in India. You can learn about ZoopIndia's train food delivery services and how train passengers can order Food on Train online for great deals and offers. This service is easily available through the Zoop app or website. It is now also available via WhatsApp. 

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How to order food on ZoopIndia if online is not working?

Follow the steps below to book your train over the phone. 

1) Contact ZoopIndia on the following toll free number:

To order, call toll-free 844-844-0386 between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

2) Call ZoopIndia Customer Care Center to Order: To make Indian Railway Food Order of your favorite food, call ZoopIndia Customer Care Center. 

3) Please tell us the details and boarding station. Then your favorite food. 

4) Receiving the ordered food: The food arrived on time. Simply unpack and enjoy ZoopIndia's delicious food while traveling by train. To order by SMS, you need to send an SMS to the specified number. You must mention your PNR number in the SMS. The boarding station where you want your food delivered. Then your favorite food. This method is best if the internet is not working.

What food can I order using Rail Recipes on the train? 

ZoopIndia's innovative Online Food Delivery In Train service provides customers with access to a variety of in-train meal ordering options, including:

1) North Indian Cuisine: North Indian cuisine has a special taste due to the uniqueness of the species used in cooking. Customers of the popular e-food company RailRecipes can taste some of the tastiest food from North India. 

2) South Indian: When you think of 'South Indian food', images of dishes like Idli, Dosa, Sambar, Medu Vada, Uttapam, Upma, Pongal, Nariyal Chutney etc come to mind.

3) Many people like Chinese food. You can easily find Chinese food such as Manchurian, Hakka Noodles, Fried Rice, Soup and Manchurian.

4) Do you eat hygienically prepared fast food on the train? Popular Vada Pav from Mumbai, Thukpa from Arunachal Pradesh, Laksa from Assam, Dahi Samosa from Haryana etc. - These are some of the delicious fast food items that you can buy from ZoopIndia and enjoy on the train journey.

How do I order food on the train using Zoop? To order train food using ZoopIndia app, follow the instructions

1) Download and install the Zoop app: Start by downloading the free Zoop app on your Android or iOS phone to order food on the go. 

2) Enter PNR Number and Seat Number: To order food through the Zoop railway catering, you need to enter the correct information. Seat number and PNR number. 

3) Select your preferred station: decide which station you want your food delivered to.

4) When you select the desired dish from the Add to Cart menu, it will be automatically added to the cart. Choose the restaurant where you want to eat for lunch or dinner.

5) Select a payment method: Choose the most convenient way to send money from a variety of options. 

6) Food is delivered instantly to the train seat by Zoop suppliers.

How to order your favorite food using ZoopIndia Online?

How to order food on the train using Zoop: a step-by-step guide

Looking for a convenient way to enjoy a delicious meal while traveling by train? Zoop helps you order food online on the train and have it delivered to your seat. To get started, look over this brief guide:

  • Enter your 10-digit PNR number.
  • Select your restaurant from the available options. Browse the restaurant menu and add your favorite dishes to your cart.
  • Please enter your contact information. Pay securely online or choose to pay on delivery.
  • good appetite!

Look no further than Zoop! Zoop is India's most popular train food delivery app. It lets you order vegetarian and non-veg food from fancy restaurants. Moreover, Zoop offers the easiest and most convenient way to order food on the train.

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