How to Make Your Cheapest Booklet Printing Effective?

How to Make Your Cheapest Booklet Printing Effective?

December 29, 2023

Small business owners tend to encounter many challenges when they are just starting in their respective industries. A small budget will stop many from promoting their products to an extensive customer base. One of the most affordable ways to promote your business is through booklet printing. 

The Cheapest booklet printing complements your online efforts. It provides an experience no other online medium can due to its tangible form and extra space. However, when you are considering booklet printing for your brand’s promotion, you need to make sure you are designing and printing them right. So, here are a few steps you can follow for the same. 

  1. Choose the Right Binding

Booklets typically range from 4 to 128 pages, featuring soft covers and a simple saddle-stitched binding method. Saddle-stitched binding involves inserting book sections inside each other and securing them through the middle fold with wire staples.

For publications with more pages, it is advisable to opt for paperback binding. This method securely binds the pages together, attaching them to the spine and covers using glue.

  1. Leave Enough Space for Binding

When crafting artwork for a bound publication, ensure ample space for the binding to prevent essential content from being truncated or becoming challenging to read. This is particularly crucial for perfect-bound documents, as text positioned too close to the fold on the inside edges, near the glued binding, may become obscured.

  1. Organize the Details the Right Way

Ask yourself what you want to express as you consider messaging. You need to ensure that your booklet section heads are evocative, informative, or intriguing. It is important that you include all contact information on the affordable booklet printing you are choosing. 

  1. Take Care of the Artwork of the Front Cover

The front cover of the booklet is important to its success, whether you are using booklet printing Canada for business reports, newsletters, or periodicals. Save the major message of the booklet and it has to be properly thought out front the front portion. To attract clients and make the booklet cover stand out, go for enticing photos that are vibrant for your full-color printing. 

  1. Choose the Right Paper Weight

Choose the right paper weight to print the booklet. A document might spring open in case there are too many pages of excessive thickness used, particularly if you are using saddle stitching. Heavier stock can give the booklet a sumptuous effect. In case the booklet you are printing has over 28 pages, go for a paper weight of 120-150gsm. 

  1. Use High-Resolution Images

When you print low-resolution images from the website, it can lead to poor-quality brochures and booklets. Thus, it is better to avoid making this mistake. It is important to use high-resolution original images or get free stock images from websites that offer such images.

  1. Choose the Right Paper Finish

To create the best impact on your target customers, you need to use the right paper finish. For text-heavy and instructional articles, go for uncoated or silk paper. Select page lamination in case you want your booklet printing to be durable. 

  1. Select the Best Paper Finish for the Cover

The cover of the booklet determines if it will be picked up or thrown away. For the booklet cover, go for a strong paper type to offer additional durability and rigidity. If you are printing a magazine booklet, choose a high-gloss finish to make the booklet cover image stand out. But matte lamination is ideal if you would prefer the booklets to be understated and have a modern appearance. 

  1. Customize the Booklet to Your Images

In case the booklet artwork has large landscape photographs, make sure that the width is larger than the length and go for landscape printing as the printing choice. 

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