IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024 for British Columbia

IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024 for British Columbia

April 08, 2024

For many years, Canada has become the place where most immigrants find their place to reside. It has become where a thriving environment of work has come about. After all, the nation has become an attractive destination for skilled professionals. 

From free health care coverage, social security perks, and education in world-class schools there is nothing you won't get here. But, you just cannot be a visitor and enjoy all these benefits. 

Only when you are a permanent resident do you get access to unemployment allowance, employment insurance, child support, and disability as maternity benefits. Of course, this is a win-win situation, when you can live, work, and become a citizen as a PR once you get your Canada eligibility check done. 

Some apply for PR through Express entry immigration programs or even Provincial nominee programs. Just like the EE route is score-based, the PNP route is based on nomination. 

One of the provinces that have shown continuous growth, is British Columbia. In 2024 there are major changes introduced to make the pathway more flexible for migrants. Keep in mind that language fluency is a major point booster that you must pay attention to. 

Changes to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee program in 2024 

The criteria for selection for the British Columbia Provincial Nomination program will be updated in 2024. This can be great news for those who wish to immigrate to this prosperous Canadian province. 

These changes will be reflected in the:

  • a) IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024
  • b) Educational Qualifications 
  • c) Work experience in their chosen profession 

Those who have enrolled in Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate programs will be introduced to a structure of three streams. Even the language requirement, the IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024, has increased. 

Also, there will be an added advantage for those immigrants who work in the in-demand professions of British Columbia. After all, BC is looking for people who bring economic success to the province by contributing their skills and knowledge. 

What you must display is your genuine intention to live and work for a long time in British Columbia. It is only then you will be able to come here, but your Canada eligibility check for this province should be on point. 

For those who wish to study in Canada, the BC has launched the provincial attestation letter system. If you are applying for a study permit then you need to obey this change brought by the federal immigration department of Canada called IRCC. 

Language scoring for British Columbia for Canada PR visa in 2024 

Since getting a nomination from British Columbia, requires you to work in an in-demand occupation your language requirement is important. These are granted as per the National Occupational Classification (NOC).

There are three kinds of NOC job categories:

  • a) NOC A level 
  • b) NOC B level 
  • c) NOC C level 

Those who belong to NOC A-level jobs do not need to have any IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024. Since they belong to such a higher category of jobs what they need is the work experience in their chosen jobs. 

If you are applying for a Canada PR visa in an NOC B-level job, you need a minimum Canadian language benchmark score of 4. PNPs like British Columbia need your IELTS scores, but what matters is whether your occupation is in demand. 

In case your position falls under the NOC TEER 0 or 1 will not be required to submit any test results about your language. See if you wish to claim some language points, then you can even submit them, or otherwise it is not mandatory. 

CLB Competency Table for British Columbia Nominee Program 

But there will come a point where the BC PNP can even ask for your language test results. This comes during their evaluation. This is how your IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024 decides whether you have the language expertise to carry out the duties coming with your designation 

The CLB Competency level tables are your Canada eligibility check especially for language scoring. Your application of skills and knowledge is something which is the primary parameter of these competency tables. 

Your basic English language skills are what help you enter this table. CLB focuses on your task and learning potential. This is to say whether you can carry out day-to-day communication with ease. This means you should not face any difficulties when it comes to efficiently navigating at your workplace. 


If British Columbia interests you as a Canada province for working and living in the long term, language requirements are a great way. Your nomination depends on many factors, among which your IELTS scores will be among them.

To have a detailed discussion regarding your qualifications and language proficiency for BC PNP connect with Nationwide Visas. They are simply the best Canada immigration consultants in Mumbai.

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