Sanjay Yadav

Sanjay Yadav

Sanjay Yadav

IELTS score for Canada PR in 2024 for British Columbia

New criteria for British Columbia PNP in 2024 incl. higher IELTS scores. NOC A jobs exempt, B level needs CLB 4. TEER 0/1 exempt. Language proficiency crucial for BC PNP nomination. Connect with Nationwide Visas for expert advice. Read More

How To Check Your Eligibility For Canada PR?

Check Canada PR eligibility: meet points, language, job criteria for Express Entry; connection, job fit, language for Provincial Nominee Programs. Consult immigration experts. Read More

How to check eligibility for Canada PR for STEM occupations?

Arriving in Canada means finding the right job. STEM occupations are in demand, offering priority in Express Entry draws. These fields fill labor gaps and offer growth opportunities. Check eligibility, create a profile, and apply strategically for Permanent Residency. Read More

Apply for Canada PR from India in 3 Easy Steps in 2024

Indian dreamers seek Canada PR via Express Entry in 2024. Check eligibility, create profile, await ITA, then apply with documents for smooth transition. Nationwide Visas aids Indians. Apply now for Canada PR! Read More

Saskatchewan PNP requirements for Mechanical engineers in 2024

Saskatchewan PNP 2024: High-demand for Mechanical Engineers. Requirements: Degree, licensing, 67/100 eligibility score, 12 months experience. Avg. salary: $96,139. Contact Nationwide Visas, top Canada PR consultants in Hyderabad. Read More