immigration consultants in Hyderabad, how to check eligibility for Canada PR, jobs in Canada from india

immigration consultants in Hyderabad, how to check eligibility for Canada PR, jobs in Canada from india

May 06, 2024

How to Apply for a Canada PR Visa as an Engineering Professional?

If there is a place to boost your economic status, then how can we miss the name of Canada? This nation has been a powerhouse when it comes to welcoming immigrants. Even now, much of the immigrant population of the world stay in Canada. 

This is because of the great employment opportunities, a high standard of living and long-term benefits the nation offers to its residents. Whoever goes to Canada has something positive to say. One of the jobs in Canada from India that has risen in demand is for engineering professionals. 

This profession comes under the category of STEM occupations. E stands for those who belong to the engineering field. For coming to work here, it is best to either apply for work permit or get PR. Canadian employers mainly hire permanent residents, since they live in Canada for a longer term. 

This is why learned how to check eligibility for Canada PR, because that matters more than anything. 

Upcoming demand for engineering professionals in Canada 

There are openings for engineers in Canada across 14 areas related to engineering. This demand is urgent and needs to be filled because of retirements happening in this kind of job in Canada from India. 

Because of a recurring imbalance in supply and demand, you need overseas skilled engineering professionals to fill this labor shortage. Titles like construction-level managers also fall under the purview of engineering jobs. 

Provinces like Quebec, Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, and Manitoba have bright job prospects for engineering professionals. All you need is to register with the provincial regulatory body and get licensed if required by the Canadian employer hiring you for the job. 

Even project engineers' and managers' posts need to be filled in the coming years. More managerial roles with high salaries are being created for engineering workers or overseas graduates. Software engineers are another kind of job type that has tremendous potential for employment. 

Engineers in general, are required in many sectors. You get a job depending on your specialization and interest. You can look for openings in industries that require your area of interest. This can be civil, mechanical, or metallurgical as well. 

Apply for Canada PR as an Engineer - What are the steps you need to take? 

For you to work as an engineering professional, certain requirements need to be fulfilled for a Canada PR visa:

  1. Know how to check eligibility for Canada PR through a route that best suites you. This can be Federal Skilled worker, trades or even a PNP. Depending on which gets you PR fast and easy, you can discuss with your immigration consultants. 
  2. Look for high language IELTS scores in each of the 4 bands of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Scoring between 6.5 to 7 as an overall score is ideal to get a PR as an engineering professional. 
  3. Create an Express entry profile if you want to apply for PR visa. By doing this, you get both the choices for applying through an economic immigration route or even PNP. In case you get a nomination, and you already have an Express entry profile, you get 600 extra CRS points. 
  4. Your profile is assessed, based upon which you become eligible to enter the pool and compete for an ITA on the Comprehensive Ranking System. There are times when you have sufficient points to enter the pool, but not enough to get a high CRS score. 
  5. Once you get your ITA, which you need to submit within 60 days if you have applied through the Federal Skilled Worker program. Under PNPs the timing of application submission might vary. Just keep in mind to submit a complete application, or else it can be rejected. 
  6. Upon submission you need to wait for your application to be processed. But the time of waiting also depends on which immigration pathway you have chosen to apply for Canada PR visa. 
  7. Once your application is processed a decision on your PR will be approved by the IRCC. Upon approval you will be sent a a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). Now you are an engineer with a PR. Now you can avail benefits and transition to Canada without much cost on your pocket.

How to get hired as an Engineer in Canada for 2024?

  1. You should be licensed by Engineers Canada to be able to practice or work as a professional engineer. You can even check if there is any territorial or provincial licensing authority. 
  2. Engineers Nova Scotia, Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ), Engineers and Geoscientists New Brunswick and Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) are examples of some of these licensing bodies.
  3. Have 3 to 4 years of experience in your field of engineering 
  4. Work under the supervision of a senior professional engineer to gain experience until you get a license. 
  5. Complete your educational qualifications in the field of engineering you wish to practice. This must be an accredited college or university program. 
  6. A Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the related discipline of engineering.
  7. Secure an Educational Credentials Assessment if you are engineer from the overseas and wish to work in Canada as a professional engineer. This is to validate your diplomas or certifications and ensure whether they are equal to Canadian standards. 
  8. Minimum of 1 year of work experience in Canada can be an added advantage when employers look at your profile. 


Wish to come to Canada as an engineering professional? Let the immigration consultants in Hyderabad, Nationwide Visas help you achieve your PR dreams and help you get a job that suits your profile. Call us Now!

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