Kratom Legality in Canada: 5 Essential Tips for Safe and Informed Use

Kratom Legality in Canada: 5 Essential Tips for Safe and Informed Use

February 16, 2024

Kratom Legality in Canada: 5 Essential Tips for Safe and Informed Use 


Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) is an herb of Southeast Asian origin widely marketed for its potential therapeutic benefits. Extracts from this tropical plant may aid pain management by impacting certain opioid receptors in the brain.  

Studies also indicate that kratom may supercharge energy levels, alleviate inflammation, soothe anxiety, and improve sleep quality.  

However, despite its diverse medicinal applications, kratom hasn’t achieved global recognition yet. Several countries criminalise the plant in its entirety while others regulate access to it.  

In this article, we shall focus our attention on kratom’s legal status in Canada and some best practices to follow when administering the herb.  

Read on before you go looking for Mitragyna speciosa supplements within Canadian territories. 

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1. Understand Kratom’s Legality in Canada 

Having just hinted that kratom’s legal status varies from one jurisdiction to another, you’re probably wondering if you can legally access this herb in Canada.  

The short answer is yes, kratom canada legal provide that vendors do not market it as a consumable good. You can legally obtain the herb throughout all ten Canadian provinces and three territories.  

However, the best way to fully comprehend kratom’s legality in Canada is to uncover the position of the country’s primary drug and food regulators on the plant.  

Like other alternative herbs, kratom’s regulation falls under two state agencies - Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).  

One of Health Canada’s core mandates is protecting Canadians from unsafe food and pharmaceutical products. The CFIA, on the other hand, oversees the quality, safety, and environmental impacts of food and medicinal products.  

Neither Health Canada nor the CFIA considers Mitragyna speciosa a medicinal or food product. However, the two agencies do not impose an outright ban on kratom either, as long as it isn’t sold as a consumable. 

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2. Know Alternative Ways to Consume Kratom 

It’s important to note that Health Canada and the CFIA’s kratom restrictions based on the herb’s formulation only applies to sellers. The law appears silent on kratom users. That said, it’s still important to understand the various alternative ways to consume or trade in this herb.  

Mitragyna speciosa comes in different preparations. The most common ones are edible products like kratom powder, capsules, tablets, and fresh leaves.  

Kratom edibles are famous for their long-lasting benefits. On the flip side, these products have a considerably longer onset time and low bioavailability. And as mentioned, both Health Canada and the CFIA do not authorize consumable kratom goods.  

The good news is that traders and users can avail kratom supplements in many alternative preparations. These include aromatherapy oils, vape juices, cigarettes, and topicals.  

Taking kratom by inhalation delivers near-instant but short-lasting effects. For users worried about the herb’s stimulating effects, topical application is the best delivery method. 

3. Beware Of Overly Hyped Promotional Language 

Kratom’s therapeutic properties are well-documented. The herb has proven effective at managing a broad spectrum of illnesses. So, it’s not unusual to find these perceived health benefits highlighted on a kratom product’s label.  

However, the fact that Canada’s main food and drug regulators do not officially approve kratom makes it illegal for vendors to make any health claims.  

Beware of supplements using definitive expressions like “will” to describe kratom’s therapeutic abilities. Similarly, avoid brands that market their kratom products purely based on affordability.  

It’s intuitive to want to order your next kratom supplies from a company that offers fantastic deals and discounts. But remember that when it comes to pharmaceutical products, price is never a key consideration.  

Besides hyped promotional language, avoid products whose marketing materials reveal glaring grammatical or typographical errors.  


4. Insist On Lab Tested Products 

Manufactured kratom goods need to be subjected to rigorous testing to be certified safe and efficient for human use. So, when shopping for kratom in Canada, insist on lab tested products.  

The surest way to tell that a kratom supplement has undergone due testing is to look out for a certificate of analysis (CoA) report on the product’s labeling material or online description page.  

The CoA specifies kratom potency and the dominant kratom strain in a product.  

Note that kratom is available in multiple strains, with each delivering distinctive effects. The three main ones include white-vein strain (which is mostly stimulating), red-vein strain (which is typically relaxing), and green-vein strain (which is slightly energizing and slightly sedating).  

Some certificates of analysis reports may highlight the concentration of other ingredients, such as flavorings and preservatives, in a kratom product. 

5. Moderate Your Kratom Intake 

One of the fascinating facts about kratom is that it has no standard dosage. The amount of the herb you take depends on a range of factors, including kratom potency in a product and reasons for use. 

The higher the concentration of kratom in a product, the lower the serving amounts should be.  

Similarly, you’ll need relatively high kratom dosages to ease severe pain than, say, to relieve mood swings.  

Your age, metabolic rate, preferred delivery method, and experience level will also determine the right amount of kratom to consume.  

The idea is to start small and increase your doses gradually. Remember that although comparatively safer than many herbs, kratom may still trigger certain adverse effects if overdosed. 


Wrap Up 

Kratom is technically legal in Canada as long as vendors do not avail it in edible goods or make health claims.  

But as you’ve seen, there are certain precautionary measures to observe before selling or using kratom products in the country.  



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