Lab Glass Reactor

March 15, 2022

Lab Glass Reactor has become a very convenient, essential, and integral part of chemical processing units to accomplish desired results which is standard equipment "Make in India". Glass being an inert material is extremely useful for the scientific fraternity with additional qualities of transparency, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. It is one of the prime endeavors and proud moments for “GOEL Scientific Glass Ltd.” to have designed a lab glass reactor for the convenience of chemical scientists, R&D, and Lab fraternity, who make wonderful use of standard glass equipment to accomplish desired results and innovations. GOEL® Lab Glass Reactor: 1. 0.5 Ltr to 5 Ltr Double / Triple Wall Jacketed reactor Primary Reactor - For Reaction Double Wall Reactor - for Utility Circulation (-60 to 200°C) Triple Wall Reactor - for Full Vacuum sealed Jacket to prevent energy loss 2. Fused type bottom outlet valve with Screw thread operating. 3. 100 DN/150 DN Duran Glass Flange cover with DURAN® RODAVISS Joints. 4. 100 DN/150 DN “O” Ring Viton / PTFE/FFKM (Perfluoro elastomer) 5. SS304 Quick release heavy duty coupling with Graphite Filled Teflon material 6. SS Magnetic Drive for Glass reactor 7. SS316 with PTFE Lined stirrer 10 mm Rod. 8. Pressure Equalizing funnel with DURAN RODAVISS Joints. 9. High Efficiency 250 mm Long Double coil Condenser with DURAN RODAVISS Joints. 10. Unique Support system SS304 Scaffolding stand with Bakelite Knob with SS304 screw. 11. Overhead stirrer Drive - RPM 50 to 1000. 12. Digital Temperature Indicator PT100 PTFE Coated sensor (-40 to 300°C). 13. SS304 Insulated hose with Manifold Connection System with flexible movement. Goel Scientific Glass Works Ltd. C-31/A Sardar Estate, Ajwa Road, Vadodara, Gujarat, India - 390019. For inquiry:

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June 22, 2024

We CNC inserts are divided into positive-angle inserts and negative-angle inserts. A positive-angle insert means that the insert has a back angle, which is a common single-sided insert. Negative angle insert means that the insert does not have a back angle and both sides of the insert can be used.

May 20, 2024

The mechanical clamping type avoids the influence and limitation of the welding process, facilitates the selection of inserts of various materials according to the processing object, and fully exerts its cutting performance, thereby improving the cutting efficiency.

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