List Of Things That You Should Not Miss While Traveling To Canada?

List Of Things That You Should Not Miss While Traveling To Canada?

May 15, 2024

If you are applying for a study visa to Canada, then you must be aware of the rules and regulations of the immigration process. Right? So, as per the immigration rules, international students are allowed to carry two bags of weight 23kg and one handbag of 5-10 kg. Ensure the luggage’s total weight does not exceed the specific limits. 

However, it is noticeable that some students are still confused about what to pack and what to not for Canada. Well, don’t worry we will provide you an in-depth details on this in this article so read this carefully. Moreover, each item mentioned below helps you to reduce expenses while studying there, so don’t forget to pack. 

If you are looking for accommodation options in Canada and looking for someone who can guide you with the all options available at cheap prices then you can contact with the best study visa consultants who can provide you detailed information on this along with your visa application process. 

Here is the travel checklist of top things that you should not miss at any cost: 


Documents are the utmost important part of your packing list because at the airport you may be asked to show your passport or travel ticket. Therefore, don’t miss even a single document related to your course, traveling, and identity. Have a look at some of the important documents that are required at the airport: 

  • Your Passport
  • Air Ticket
  • Student Visa
  • Offer letter from Institution 
  • Tuition Fee Receipt
  • Scores in Standardized Tests
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Recommendation Letters
  • LOA From the University
  • Resume or CV

Well, it’s better to carry at least 5 copies of all the documents mentioned above with your original documents. 


Aside from documents, the other thing that you need along with you is your clothes. However, it is very complicated to decide what kind of clothes you should pack with you because the weather in Canada is different from that in India. Most of the time, there is cold and rainy weather. So, buy your clothes according to the climate conditions. For more weather-related clarifications, you can ask your friends and relatives who are always residing there. In this manner, you can decide which types of clothes are better for you to survive in the cold weather of Canada. 

Generally, international students prefer to carry t-shirts, tops, trousers, jeans, pants, jackets, coats, sweaters, sportswear, casual clothes, formal clothes, partywear clothes as well as traditional clothes for different occasions. This way, they don’t need to purchase clothes after reaching Canada as they will have every type of clothing in their bags. 

Apart from clothes, you can also carry caps, hats, turbans, sunglasses, goggles, spectacles, socks, shoes, slippers, belts, wallets, and other essential accessories and footwear to study in Canada.  

Electronic Gadgets 

Can you imagine your life without your phone? Will you be able to communicate with your friends and family back without a phone? Of course not!  Even if you carry your phone with you, then what you will do is battery dead. Similarly, it will not be possible to make assignments without having a laptop? In this modern world, electronic gadgets are highly essential and you must carry them with you to study peacefully in Canada. So, below is a checklist of the electronic gadgets you must pack to study in Canada: 

  • Laptop 
  • Mobile Phone
  • Chargers
  • Universal Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Pen Drives
  • Headphones with Mic
  • A Scientific Calculator 

Household Items 

Well, the household items are also prominent if you are planning to live alone in apartments or on college campuses. Basic items like toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, comb, hair oil, facewash, towel, hairbrush, hand sanitizer, and perfume are a few essential things for personal care. Moreover, for cooking, a frypan, pressure cooker, plates, spoons, bowls, glasses, spatulas, tea strainers, and knives are required. 


Stationary items are crucial in Canada. For this, you can carry notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpers, scales, markers, highlighters, and other essential stationery items with you. However, make sure your stationery items don’t carry more places in the bag so choose wisely.

Do you want to get more guidance to make a clear decision to study in Canada? If yes, then you can seek in-depth guidance by connecting with the best Canada visa immigration consultants. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, the things mentioned above are the important ones that every student should carry along with you while departing to Canada. So, keep these things in your mind while packing your luggage. 

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