Living Cost of Canada For International Students in 2024

Living Cost of Canada For International Students in 2024

May 14, 2024

When the concept of moving to a foreign country takes place the very first thing that strikes your mind is how to manage your living expenses effectively. A report says that the majority of students suffer from money-related issues while living abroad. Therefore, it is necessary to overcome this obstacle if you want relief from the financial burden. The best way to do this is to make a realistic budget plan for everything in advance. 

For example, tuition fees, accommodation and transportation costs, electricity and internet bills, and food and shopping expenses. This strategy will make you stress-free from monetary issues in the future. If you are not serious about this concern then you ask for money from your parents which might make your parents stressed if their earnings are low. 

How much cost is required to live in Canada as an international student? Well, in this article, we have mentioned the overall different types of expenses with an average amount that you need to manage while studying in Canada. Moreover, if you have queries regarding the fee structure in US universities, you can connect with the best study visa consultants

Average Living Costs for International Students in Canada:

The different types of expenses you must manage while studying in Canada are given below:  

Accommodation Cost in Canada

To live in Canada, you need proper accommodation to keep your luggage and live after your college and work hours. However, you can live on campus, but still majority of students go for off-campus housing options at affordable prices. It is the best way to save money. However, the accommodation cost may vary depending on the city and locality. 

Well, the average house rent of a shared apartment is around 700-900 CAD per month. Additionally, you need to pay for utilities such as electricity, water, gas supply, heating systems, and so on which is around 500-4000 CAD monthly. If you want to go for on-campus accommodation then you must have 1600-1700 CAD in hand. 

Food Cost 

If you are planning to live on campus then you can save on your food expenses. Well, if you want to eat something extra that is not provided in the hostel meal, you need to pay extra for it. However, if you are living in private accommodation, you need to manage food expenses on your own. If you prepare your meal at home, it will be a much more affordable option for you. 

However, if you rely on tiffin services or restaurant food, it will be too expensive. On average, the food expenses will be around 150-200 CAD. For students living off-campus, the additional charges for food will be around 50-90 CAD.

Internet Cost

Can you imagine your life without the Internet? Not at all, because all the assignments, classes, college updates, results, and everything is done online these days. Moreover, you need to talk with your family back home. All these things are possible when you have a good internet connection.  Although the internet cost can vary depending on various companies, the average cost will be around 60-100 CAD per month. 

Transportation Cost 

If you are looking for a cheaper and budget-friendly option for traveling from one place to another then public transport is the best option ever. So, try to travel by bus or train. 

However, many students want their convenience for traveling such as cars but they don’t know that buying their car includes various additional costs as well. For example, maintenance costs, gasoline costs, and so on. So, if we consider public transportation, then the overall cost will be around 100-150 CAD. 

Shopping Costs

Well, shopping costs can vary depending from person to person because some students are shopaholics while others are not. Still, there are some basic things that every student has to buy from a supermarket such as groceries, clothes, shoes, stationery, household items, toiletries, and so on. So, the total cost of all these items will be around 200-300 CAD per month. 

If you want to know about additional costs you need to manage while living in Canada, you need to approach the most promising immigration consultants in your locality. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, apart from the tuition fee, these are other living costs that you need to manage while living in Canada. So, make a proper budget list and make sure to have enough funds in your account, so that you will manage all the expenses without getting worried. 


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