Managing Work Orders: How HVAC Software Can Help

Managing Work Orders: How HVAC Software Can Help

April 17, 2024

Work orders are the bread and butter of HVAC businesses across North America. HVAC software, also known as HVAC platforms, brings all service elements into one easy-to-use workflow, giving you and your team all the tools you need to generate new and recurring business. Learn more about how HVAC platforms can help you save time, streamline operations, and deliver results.


Managing Work Orders: How HVAC Software Can Help

See Relevant Work Order Information in One Place

A HVAC platform should let you create a work order with the click of a button, giving you everything you need to know about your client, the jobsite, the scope of work, and the job description. Digitizing documents offers many benefits to businesses, such as easier collaboration. HVAC technicians and head office staff should be able to easily create and link digital notes, to-do lists, images, and other job paperwork to each work order with ease.


Optimize Technician Time Spent on Jobs

HVAC technicians are there to complete the allocated work and not get caught up in unnecessary paperwork. A HVAC platform can track your team's time and work completion rates on-site using tools such as GPS tracking and automatic check-in/check-out. With the click of a button, technicians can report the time spent on the job and not have to return to head office to complete their timesheet.


Track Materials and Inventory

Every job is different and has different resourcing needs. Work orders software can give head office the ability to track the materials and equipment that technicians use in real-time. Some HVAC platforms also offer inventory management as part of their service, allowing staff to seamlessly connect inventory to orders.


Have Your Checklist Library Ready To Go

Platforms can also give HVAC technicians the tools they need to complete jobs safely and to the high standards that paying clients expect. Build a checklist library for site inspection, installation protocols, hazard assessments, and more. Relevant checklists can be easily linked to each work order, ensuring that technicians are primed on what to do once they arrive at the worksite.


Boost Customer Satisfaction With Notifications

 A HVAC platform should offer multiple notification options, giving you full control of when and how your customers are kept updated on their orders. Ideally, notifications should be automatically sent to customers the day before a job and in the hours before a technician is due to arrive for their appointment. Notifications can play a vital role in boosting customer satisfaction, giving you an edge over other service businesses in your area.


Streamline Out-of-Pocket Expenses Tracking

Sometimes, even with all work aspects estimated and accounted for, there can be unexpected expenses. HVAC platforms give options for registering employee out-of-pocket expenses, which can easily be linked to the relevant work order. Staff can request reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses at different stages of the work order, enabling speedier payments and eliminating the need for paper-heavy reimbursement processes.

If you're looking for a streamlined and efficient way to manage your job orders, a HVAC platform is a great investment for your business. When it comes to choosing a platform, carefully consider what features are available to streamline your job requests and orders. It also pays to look at all of your business needs that can be taken care of with an end-to-end platform that saves you valuable money and time.

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