Mazhar Majeed: A Visionary Force in Sports Management and Entertainment Brilliance

Mazhar Majeed: A Visionary Force in Sports Management and Entertainment Brilliance

November 30, 2023



In the ever-evolving landscape of sports and entertainment, Mazhar Majeed emerges as a visionary force, reshaping the industry through his innovative approach to talent management and boxing promotions. As the founder of Star People, a distinguished Talent Management Agency, Majeed's influence spans across celebrity management, iconic Pay Per View boxing events, and strategic negotiations. This article delves into the dynamic career of Mazhar Majeed, highlighting his visionary contributions to the realms of sports and entertainment.

Star People's Stellar Rise in Celebrity Management:

At the helm of Star People, Mazhar Majeed has steered the agency towards unparalleled success in the realm of celebrity management. With a comprehensive suite of services including product placement, advertising, public relations, events, and production, Star People has become a trailblazer in elevating brands within film, fashion, music, and entertainment. Majeed's vision for strategic brand positioning has positioned Star People as a trendsetter in the competitive world of talent management.

Boxing Spectacles and Global Impact:

Mazhar Majeed's legacy extends beyond the glitz of celebrity circles to the adrenaline-fueled world of professional boxing. His instrumental role in organizing historic Pay Per View fights, notably the intense clashes between David Haye and Tony Bellew, showcases Majeed's ability to transform boxing into a global spectacle. These events, etched in sporting history, reflect Majeed's creative genius and his knack for delivering unparalleled entertainment.

Guiding Champions to Glory:

In 2022, Majeed assumed the pivotal role of manager for the esteemed World Boxing Champion, Amir Iqbal Khan. Orchestrating the much-anticipated bout between Amir Khan and Kell Brook in February 2022, Majeed reaffirmed his commitment to guiding champions toward not only victory in the ring but also strategic career advancement. His managerial expertise has positioned him as a trusted advisor within the competitive landscape of professional boxing.

Strategic Negotiations and Business Triumphs:

Mazhar Majeed's impact extends into strategic negotiations, exemplified by securing a groundbreaking multi-million-pound, multi-year contract for British boxing Olympic medalist Joshua Buatsi's inaugural fight with Sky Sports on May 6, 2023. This achievement not only underscores Majeed's business acuity but also marks a significant milestone in propelling British boxing talent onto the global stage.


Mazhar Majeed's journey unfolds as a testament to his visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to excellence. From revolutionizing celebrity management at Star People to orchestrating unforgettable boxing spectacles, Majeed's impact reverberates across the sports and entertainment landscape. As he continues to guide champions and shape the trajectory of the industry, Mazhar Majeed remains a visionary force, leaving an enduring legacy of innovation and entertainment brilliance.

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