Navigating Insights, Benefits, and Emerging Concerns for Paracetamol

Navigating Insights, Benefits, and Emerging Concerns for Paracetamol

January 09, 2024


In the world of over-the-counter medicines, paracetamol (also known as acetaminophen) is a reliable drug for millions of people seeking relief from pain and fever. Although its effectiveness has long been known, this blog sheds light on how it works, the risks associated with long-term use, and paracetamol manufacturers in India. 

Market Overview:

The global Paracetamol market forecast is anticipated to reach $119.52 million by 2031, registering a compound annual growth rate of -0.6% during the forecast period.

Mechanism of Action:

Paracetamol effectively inhibits the enzyme cyclooxygenase (COX), primarily present in the brain. Its target-specific action exerts analgesic and fever-reducing effects and make treatment more rational for those intolerant to paracetamol due to gastric concerns. 

Mild Analgesic, Potent Antipyretic:

Paracetamol is a mild but effective analgesic that provides relief from various spectrum of pain. At the same time, it helps reduce fever by affecting the part of the brain that controls body temperature, making it a powerful antipyretic for patients with high fever.

Safety Profile and Emerging Concerns:

Paracetamol is generally safe to use, but recent findings reveal potential risks associated with its long-term use. A University of Edinburgh study shows a link between long-term use of paracetamol and an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, especially in people with high blood pressure. 

Special Considerations:

It is advised to take caution when using paracetamol in combination products. Taking more than the recommended amount of these drugs can cause problems, which highlights the need to follow guidelines to take them safely. Pregnant women and people with special medical conditions should take precautions before using paracetamol. Although it is generally safe during pregnancy, you can check with your health care professional to see if the drug is safe to take.

Additional latest news on Paracetamol:

  • Pharmacists warn against taking paracetamol after consuming alcohol, pointing out the possibility of liver toxicity. 
  • The Indian government's ban on 14 fixed-dose combination drugs, including paracetamol, highlights concerns about their therapeutic validity and potential risks.
  • Researchers at The Ohio State University announced that taking acetaminophen is associated with increased risk-taking compared to a placebo.

Insights on Paracetamol manufacturing process:

Paracetamol manufacturing process involves nitration of phenol followed by steam-distillation, reduction, and ultimately acetylation of para-amino group to produce paracetamol.

Top Manufacturers in India:

Some of the top paracetamol manufacturers in India includes Lifevision Healthcare, Arlak Biotech, Health biotech Limited, Farmson Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd, Saphnix Lifesciences and Micro Labs Limited are contributing significantly to pharma global market size.

Chemxpert Database:

The Chemxpert database has proven to be a top API pharma database company in India covering insights from the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. It provides real-time insights into buyers, suppliers, market dynamics, clinical trials, and regulatory frameworks, making it an essential tool for navigating the complex world of paracetamol and other active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).


Paracetamol has many benefits, mechanism, and uses. As we uncover the complexities, it becomes clear that a careful approach guided by new knowledge and expert advice can establish a good relationship with this drug. Balancing the potential benefits and risks, especially with long-term use, is very important for health care providers and users. The journey through the various forms of paracetamol shows the importance of the right decision and responsible use to achieve well-being.

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