Premier Exterior Painters in Marietta, GA

Premier Exterior Painters in Marietta, GA

May 21, 2024

When you want to increase the cheap appearance of your home, there are few things that make more difference than a new coat of paint on the outside. Whether intending to sell your abode or simply giving it a different look or as protection against harsh weather conditions, getting the right painters is very crucial. W&C Brothers Painters is the leading company in exterior painting in Marietta, GA. We offer unmatched services around by putting our clients’ needs first. 
Why Choose W&C Brothers Painters?

Experience and Understanding

W&C Brothers exterior painters in Marietta, GA is a company with years of experience in this industry. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have practiced for many years. Besides, we understand how to handle various external painting challenges peculiar to Marietta such as weather elements and local material types for houses. Basically, we have mastered our art such that any time we provide our painting service; it will be done in an efficient way.

Quality Products and Techniques

We know too well that high quality materials determine whether paint job lasts long or not. For instance, we only pick paints and primers from notable companies because they are preferred by professional painters like us due to their standards. Additionally, all our approaches are modernized using computer related techniques so that they bring out a painting that has high resolution yet still durable.

Custom-Fit Solutions

Every house is distinct as well as its owner’s needs too vary from one another. Specifically designed sessions are conducted for you so that we can capture what you actually desire in your mind regarding the project at hand. Color selection advice may also be necessary depending on whether you would like something traditional or even contemporary. Therefore these services will finally be made as per your specifications hence leaving behind an outcome which shows your style and adds aesthetic value towards your premises.

Relevance of Exterior Painting

Shielding Houses from Weather Exposure

It is tough when it comes to living under Marietta’s climate because some months are too hot, there is high humidity and at times it may even rain there. Good painting job done on the exterior of a house safeguards it against natural elements such as water that would seep in to cause wood rotting and also growing molds. As well it keeps off any destructive sun rays from affecting the paint and leading to its wear.

Adding value to your property

A well-maintained exterior can increase the worth of your home in a significant way. If you intend selling sooner or later, improving aesthetics would help make your house appeal more to buyers by repainting it afresh. People interested in purchasing are likely to be influenced by clean, an attractive and beautiful looking residence.

Making Your Home Look Better From The Street

You have only one chance to create a lasting impression since this will be formed after seeing your compound first time. Painting can give a building entirely new look and appearance that makes it outstanding among others nearby. Whether opting for modern or traditional color themes, right painting will set directions for everything else at the premises.

Our Exterior Painting Process

Initial Consultation

When we commence our work with you, we have got to sit down together first so that we understand what you want as well as tell you about our budgeting plans. We listen carefully while giving our input based on experience thereby allowing you make informed choices about anything concerning this project. Through this way, we are able to achieve exactly what you were aiming at from the start.

Preparing Surfaces

If you don't want your painting experience to be a disaster, then make good preparations. We start by cleaning all surfaces, removing any dirt, mildew or old paint. This will involve pressure washing or hand scrubbing depending on the condition of the surface. Next thing, we check whether there are cracks or rot which may have occurred and perform necessary repairs. We also sand and prime the surfaces to ensure proper adhesion of paint and smooth finish.


After preparation of surfaces is done, we now resort into painting. To apply it uniformly and effectively, our team uses high-quality paints and professional grade equipment. Edges must be clean while coverage should be consistent; hence this has been given utmost attention in detail by us. In order to get the requisite finish and durability several coats might be involved depending on the project.

Final Inspection and Cleanup

Once through with applying paint, we do a comprehensive inspection to ascertain its quality. If we detect any flaws during this stage we touch them up immediately. The last thing that is done is clearing away debris, tools and other materials used for painting activity from your environment where work was carried out so as to leave an untrodden impression about it.

Customer Testimonials 

Sarah J., Marietta GA

“W&C Brothers Painters were brought on board for a modernization job at my home’s exterior area; I am very pleased with their output! The crew was professional, punctual as well as careful in their duties. They helped me pick out an ideal color palette & executed flawlessly; my house looks brand new & I’ve had countless compliments from neighbors!”

Michael T., Marietta GA

“After a major storm wiped off exterior painting from my residence I engaged W&C Brothers Painters for advice. Their response time was remarkable & they gave an outline of how the painting could be redone back again. It was done within no time but still there are other places requiring repainting. They are the best when it comes to exterior painting.”

Eco-Friendly Practices

At W&C Brothers Painters, we believe in sustainable living. To be precise, we use paints that release fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air, hence better for you and the surrounding. Additionally, we embrace proper waste disposal practices and seek to limit environmental impacts related to painting itself.


When considering exterior painting in Marietta GA, no one else beats W&C Brothers Painters. There is something unique about our commitment to excellence, attention to detail as well as ensuring customer satisfaction which makes us reputable gurus in this field of home improvement. Whether you want your house protected from weather elements or its value enhanced or just freshen its look; our experience & expertise will enable us deliver results beyond your expectations. Contact us today for an appointment and let us convert your compound into a beauty parlor.


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