Proregulations Announces Participation in DCAT Week 2024

Proregulations Announces Participation in DCAT Week 2024

April 18, 2024

Proregulations is about to participate in DCAT Week 2024, scheduled for March 18-21, 2024 (local time) in New York City.

During DCAT Week 2024, staff at Proregulations will be in Converted Room #1415, Lotte NY Palace Hotel, 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022.

“Welcome to Lotte NY Palace Hotel to meet our team of experts and learn more about our industry compliance solutions.” Said Marketing Chief of Proregulations. “Please book a senior strategy meeting through our appointment scheduling portal at "2024 DCAT Week meeting with Proregulations", and select an optional time slot.”

About DCAT Week
DCAT Week is one of the largest and highest-profile industry events in the global pharmaceutical and biomedical supply chain. DCAT Week is sponsored by the Society for Drugs, Chemistry and Allied Technologies (DCAT), a nonprofit, member-supported, global business development association founded in 1890.

DCAT organizes DCAT week and DCAT annual dinner in New York each year to provide industry information and technology exchange opportunities for companies engaged in the bio/pharmaceutical manufacturing value chain, and to expand its member companies' customer and supplier networks in relevant industries around the world.

Each DCAT Week gathers hundreds of the world's leading biomedicine and its upstream and downstream industry chain firms to provide the broadest range of products and services for the entire biological/pharmaceutical manufacturing industry chain.

For more information, please visit DCAT Week.

Meet Proregulations at DCAT Week 2024
Proregulations is a United States-based product compliance consulting and service company. We provide one-stop and customized market access services for pharmaceutical and chemical companies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Check out our services to ease your regulatory burden.

Our team of representatives at DCAT Week 2024 has extensive experience in compliance services, a deep understanding of product safety and regulatory regulations of interest to the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and a keen insight into the market. We are excited to interact with our clients and industry professionals at this event to exchange the latest results, share our expertise, and provide leading practice advice.

During DCAT Week 2024, we will actively participate in conferences, forums, presentations, and networking events to offer participating companies the latest and valuable information.

We invite attendees to visit our booth in the exhibition area to inquire and learn more about how we help pharmaceutical and chemical companies accelerate their products to commercialization and stand out in a competitive market.

We will explore potential collaboration and partnership opportunities during DCAT Week 2024. During DCAT Week 2024, we will be in Converted Room #1415, Lotte NY Palace Hotel, 455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022. We look forward to meeting with you and discussing how we can work together to drive positive growth and success in our industry.

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