Real Estate Property Karjat Near Panvel Mumbai Maharashtra 2 Acre NA Farm House

Real Estate Property Karjat Near Panvel Mumbai Maharashtra 2 Acre NA Farm House

August 15, 2022

Details of Farm House 


NA  80    Guntas with the following features.

  1. Two Storied bungalow measuring 3000 sqft with amenities like the following. 
    1. Excellent construction material like RCC, tiles, water proofing chemicals in the plaster as well as on roof top.
    2. 5 Large Room ( 15feet * 15 feet, 15 feet * 13 feet)
    3. Large Four bathrooms measuring 11feet * 5feet
    4. MSEDCL sanctioned power of 18KW
    5. Solar Power System. 8 solar panels, 8 210 HAH Batteries each weighing 65kilos and 5KW Genus Invertor with charged controller at the solar charging station and dual power changeover automatic switch between MSEDCL and Solar power
    6. Voltage Stabilizer of 20KW capacity.
    7. 41 window panels covered by Garware Sun control film for heat and glare control.
    8. Good Quality Curtains on 11 windows each measuring 9 feet by 5 feet.
    9. Insurance Cover for Theft, Fire and Reconstruction.
    10. Pest Control Annual Contract
    11. Bungalow is repainted inside and outside every three years with Asian Paint.
    12. Five Mitsubishi ACs in the bungalow : One 2tonne, Three 1.5 tonne, One 1 Tonne 
    13. Two 4kilos each Fire Extinguisher freshly charged.
    14. Regular maintenance of the Boundary Walls.
    15. Wired Wifi connection with three routers.
    16. 2 Tataplay Connections with 3 setup boxes.
    17. Lightening Conductor and Earthing.
    18. Boxed Window Grills in all windows.




  1. Water System
    1. property has two borewells ( 1 3HP and 1 1 HP agri use)
    2. Two Overhead Tanks of 5000 litres each.
    3. 1200 feet of running GI and Rubber Pipes for watering the plants.
  2. Lawn and Plants
    1. 4 Gunta Lawn with 12 sprinklers fed by 3HP Motor
    2. Honda Lawn Mower and petrol operated saw machine and bicycle for visiting Kadav market.
    3. We have a Vegetable garden  with 11 beds of 100 feet each for growing various vegetables.
    4. We have Bongunvillas around the wall of around 400 feet.
    5. We have fruits trees like Mango, Chickoo, Guava, Seetaphal, Jamun, Coconut, Mulberry, Banana
  3. Store Room houses Agriculture Implements
    1. Godrej cupboard for Storing Agro Chemicals for Safety and preventing misuse.
    2. 2 Pump spray for organic pesticide
    3. 2 Wheel Barrows to carry mud and manure
  4. Security System
    1. Society Gate Control 
    2. Bungalow Gate Control
    3. Night Watchman
    4. 13 5 pixel CCTV cameras around the bungalow and lawn
    5. 23 Alarm Systems fixed on Windows and Doors of the Bungalow
    6. With God’s grace no threat or any violent act has taken place last 14 years of our stay here.
  5. Mali Residence
    1. RCC cabin with wiremesh door and ceiling for mosquito free stay.
    2. Inhouse Separate Bathroom and Toilet
    3. Cooking platform with gas stove
    4. Cupboard
    5. Steel Bed 5 feet * 6 feet
    6. TV with Tataplay ( Tatasky) connection



  1. Service Providers
    1. We have committed service providers for Electricity, Plumbing, Borewell, Security, Wired Wifi and Septic tank and Overhead tank cleaning.
    2. Chemists


Nitin Mune, Karjat

7219711455 , 8149020333


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