spring making machine price

spring making machine price

December 08, 2022

The5 axis cnc wire forming machine comes with a wire rotary. Hence, it shows that the machine can able to attach a number of tools. As usual, the machine’s working remains the same. The machine helps to build the complex shapes of compression, tension, torsion, tower, and flat wire springs.

Input Materials: Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Bronze, Carbon Steel, Cold-Rolled Steel, Copper, Nickel, Titanium, etc. The input wire diameter ranges between 0.5mm and 3.8mm.

The input is loaded via decoiler unit, which consists of a reasonable capacity. The loading capacity of the decoiler ranges from 60Kg to 2000Kg. Then the wire straightening unit straightens the wire for building the output forms. Then it sends to the wire feeder roller and it transfers the wire through the quill rotary. Hence then the machine starts the forming processes. Then the holding tool is to hold the wire during the process if necessary. The cam CNC machine includes a number of bending tools as per the need. If necessary spinner action takes place.

Features of 5/6 Axis CNC Wire Forming Machines:

  • Imported Wire Feed Bearings
  • High-Strength Transmission Belt (German Technology)
  • Zero-Degree Gear
  • Cam Wire Rotary – Increases the rate of production

The 5 axis CNC spring forming machine operates with a Japanese servo motor and CNC programming unit. Therefore, the machine controls the process with the help of the CNC unit. The cam wire forming machine comprises of 1 motor with 8arms. Hence, it reduces the efficiency of the machine.

Industrial and Commercial Applications:

The 5 Axis CNC spring forming machines are widely expanding to a higher-lever in business. The Auto Link is now reaching a certain height globally through Alibaba and Made in China. Then the machines are broadly used in many industrial and commercial applications. Some of the examples are as follows:

Available Models:WF-525R & WF-538R

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