The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Waterproof Plywood

The Essential Guide to Choosing the Right Waterproof Plywood

March 20, 2024

The right plywood choice is a must for the construction of areas that require moisture resistance. The inclusion of plywood application to the interior is not left behind as it includes some precautions before settling for plywood use as well. A resistant form of plywood is built to sustain deterioration as well as long-term maintenance. This article will be devoted to just one product, the Sainik 710 from CenturyPly, whose main features, advantages, and why it stands out as worth having plywood will be further elaborated.

Plywoods are versatile materials widely used in construction, furniture, and interior fields. Individually, standard plywood can fulfil many needs. However, areas that have high humidity levels or direct interaction with water necessarily need more robust materials. Moisture-resistant plywood is produced to keep it from swelling or warping.

Why Sainik 710 of CenturyPly?

  1. BWP Grade - 

Sainik 710 is BWP plywood, which is capable of handling structural integrity when introduced or comes in contact with boiling water. This grade of plywood is also quite important for situations where plywood is likely to be in contact with water or have a very high moisture content.

  1. Gurjan Core Veneers - 

Gurjan is an exceptional hardwood species that is highly valued for its structural strength and resistance to the effects of time. Sainik 710 is built with grainy Gurjan veneers, so it is strong and smooth. This guarantees the foundation of the plywood to be sturdy and durable. It adds to the ultimate durability and toughness of the plywood; thus, this product can be used for a wide variety of applications that require it to be strong despite its thin nature.

  1. Glue Line Protection - 

Sainik 710 offers superior quality phenol formaldehyde (PF) resin, which not only furnishes the plywood with admirable protection against the glue line but also superior quality protection against all kinds of enemies of wood. It is used for making and keeping plywood termite and borer-free. 

  1. Preservative Treatment - 

The insects and microorganisms are at a disadvantage due to the special preserving type treatment we add to it and other external environmental factors, which makes the Sainik 710 plywood more durable and resistant. This kind of modification, besides being very durable, can also be used internally and externally.


  1. Density and Thickness Options - 

The density and thickness of plywood play an important role in sustaining its weight-carrying capabilities. Sainik 710 offers multiple options, enabling consumers to opt for the best-suited variant that complies with their individual needs. Compared to other wood products, the plywood structures of Sainik 710 are very stable and long-lasting, depending on how they are used.


  1. Water Resistance - 

Water resistance is the fundamental element of Sainik710 and the main advantage of this product. Whether it be kitchen cupboards, bathroom furniture, or the same kind of structures for the outside, this is a kind of plywood made to be resistant to moistness rather than damaged by water exposure.

  1. Versatility - 

The flexible nature of Sainik 710 acknowledges diverse application fields. It applies to many fields, such as furniture for home interiors, and simultaneously can be applied to outdoor construction, making it one of the most versatile construction materials on the market.

  1. Ease of Workability - 

It is still effortless to use. The material can be shaped into any form that suits the industry with great precision. This improves the efficiency of the production of different products at the shop’s convenience.

The Bottom Line

To conclude, you should prioritize picking the right waterproof plywood, as it is crucial for the structural integrity and lifespan of your building or the interior solutions. The above-mentioned factors provide Sainik 710 with the needed versatility and durability to hold on to demanding residential and commercial circumstances with water and moisture exposure. Sainik 710 is a smart and sure decision as it protects your designs against harsh environments.

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