The Role of Hiring Procedures in Organizational Development

The Role of Hiring Procedures in Organizational Development

March 20, 2024

The hiring process stands as an element in the growth of any organization often underestimated. It holds importance for the future of a company to ensure suitable individuals are placed in positions. In this article we will discuss the importance of recruitment strategies for development. Why it is crucial for Indian businesses to give them due consideration. 


Two primary approaches to recruitment in the workforce include campus recruiting and lateral hiring


When companies look to bring in employees they typically have two options; hiring experienced professionals, from outside lateral hiring or recruiting fresh graduates directly from universities campus hiring. Each method has its strengths. Can be useful depending on the circumstances.


Lateral Hiring

The practice of employing seasoned workers from outside the company to fill certain tasks or positions is known as "lateral hiring." This approach is frequently taken when a business has to hire a senior-level employee quickly or needs specialized knowledge that cannot be found within.

The fact that lateral hiring brings in people who have already made a name for themselves in their industry is one of its key advantages. These applicants can jump right in and have a significant influence on the company right away because they usually have a ton of expertise. Because lateral hires are not restricted to new graduates, they may access a larger pool of talent.


Campus Hiring

Conversely, campus hiring entails selecting recent graduates straight out of schools and institutions. Employers who want to develop a skilled and diversified entry-level workforce frequently use this strategy. Typically, university hiring initiatives entail recruiting students before they graduate by visiting schools, holding interviews, and providing career chances.

Hiring from campuses has several benefits, one of which is that it enables businesses to shape and develop young people to fit their unique needs. New grads frequently have new insights and a strong desire to develop within a company. Employers can build a pool of workers for the future by forming lasting relationships, with institutions through campus recruitment.


Cons of recruiting graduates directly from campus versus hiring experienced professionals from outside.

Organizations typically have to decide between campus hiring and lateral hiring when it comes to bringing on fresh talent. There are some obstacles and factors specific to each strategy that must be taken into account. Let's investigate them thoroughly. 


Lateral Hiring:

Recruiting professionals, from companies, known as lateral hiring has its perks, like introducing new viewpoints and skills but it also presents its own set of difficulties.


Campus Hiring:

In campus recruitment a common issue is the experience of graduates. While they possess knowledge they often lack skills and real world industry experience. Companies must allocate resources and time, towards training programs to address this disparity.


Getting the Ideal Balance

While both lateral hiring and campus hiring have their merits, finding the right balance is essential. Here are a few factors to consider:


Skill requirements: Evaluate the specific skills and experience needed for each role. Lateral hiring may be more suitable for positions that require specialized knowledge, while campus hiring can be a great option for entry-level roles.

Culture fit: Think about the culture and values of the firm. Although lateral recruits may offer a variety of expertise, it may be difficult to integrate them into the current team. Conversely, campus recruits are more easily shaped to match the business culture.

Cost and time: Evaluate the expenses and duration associated with every recruitment procedure. Bringing in employees, from companies might entail increased pay scales and lengthier orientation periods whereas recruiting graduates, from universities could be a more budget friendly and quicker option.


Keep in mind that there is no solution. Finding the balance, between recruitment methods and campus recruitment should be customized to align with your organizations needs and goals.


Campus vs. Lateral Hiring: Benefits and Drawbacks 


Lateral Hiring: When companies bring in professionals to join their team its referred to as recruitment. Let’s know benefits and drawbacks of campas and lateral hiring:


Lateral Hiring Pros:


Facility: Bringing in professionals with skills and expertise through hiring can be extremely advantageous, for companies.

Immediate Impact: Experienced staff members can have an influence, on a companys goals and objectives due, to their understanding of the industry and its complexities.

Networking: Expanding the companys network by recruiting professionals, from organizations can help bring in perspectives and ideas.


Lateral Hiring Cons:


Higher Cost: Experienced professionals usually come with a price tag when hired laterally as they may ask for salaries and benefits

Resistance to Change: New hires may face challenges in adapting to the company's culture and processes, leading to potential resistance to change.


Campus Hiring: Hiring talent directly from institutions, like colleges and universities is known as campus recruitment. Now lets delve into the advantages and disadvantages of this approach.


Campus Hiring Pros:


Cost-effective: Affordable option; Hiring graduates, on campus is often a budget choice as they might be open to accepting lower salaries in return for valuable, on the job training.

Long-term Investment: Investing in the future; Bringing in talent enables companies to nurture and tailor their growth based on requirements establishing a pathway, for upcoming leaders.

Fresh Perspective: New Outlook; Recent graduates joining the workforce bring insights and viewpoints aiding companies in adapting and staying current in a dynamic market landscape.


Campus Hiring Cons:


Lack of Experience: Inexperience; Recent graduates might need training and support to transition into workers, a process that could take up significant time for the company.

Uncertain Performance: It's hard to know how well new graduates will do since they don't have experience, in the field.

In the end whether a company chooses hiring or campus hiring depends on its needs and objectives. Some organizations may decide to blend both methods to cultivate an well rounded team.


When businesses are faced with the decision of hiring college graduates or experienced professionals it can be a challenge to navigate. Opting for campus recruitment allows companies to nurture and mold young talents in line, with their culture and principles whereas lateral recruitment helps in filling important positions and introducing innovative perspectives. Both strategies may be advantageous in the long run and reasonably priced. A reputable partner in talent solutions, Mercer | Mettl provides a variety of platforms and tools for assessments that are specifically designed for Indian businesses. Accurate and trustworthy outcomes are guaranteed by their carefully crafted and confirmed evaluations. Mercer | Mettl’s user friendly interface and seamless connectivity make it easier for organizations to select the personnel simplifying the hiring process. You can rely on them to play a role, in your company's success.


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