The Ultimate Guide to Fix Netgear Orbi Purple Light

The Ultimate Guide to Fix Netgear Orbi Purple Light

January 18, 2024

Is the Orbi router showing you a purple light on its Ring LED? Are you unable to connect to its internet? Looking for the fixes for the same? You have reached the right page. The post is meant to help you get rid of Orbi purple light Read the post and apply the fixes and get your Orbi up and working in no time.

How to Fix Netgear Orbi Purple Light?

Many users refer to this light as pink or magenta. Both colors imply the same. The main reason why you may get to see the purple light on your Orbi router is that it has no internet. So the very first thing that you should check is if there is an internet outage going on. Get in touch with your ISP to verify this. Wait till the outage is over and you will not see your router purple light. However, if everything is good but still you see this color on the Ring LED, then apply the fixes highlighted ahead.

  1. Reboot Orbi

Begin by rebooting your Orbi router. Simply power it off using the Power button and unplug it. Wait for some time and plug it again and power on using the same Power button. If the purple light is still on then go to the next hack.

  1. Check the LAN Connection

The Orbi router connects to the modem using a LAN cable. The cable connection should be well in place. If the LAN cable is loose then you will get no internet. Fix the connection. Besides make sure that the LAN cable is not broken and the ports that you have used are also in good condition. Use another cable if the one that you have used is in poor condition.

  1. Check Electricity Supply

Another reason why there’s internet issue with the Orbi router is that it is not powered up completely. A partially booted up device can be due to a damaged wall outlet or loose power cable. One more reason is that there are fluctuations in the power connection from back end. We recommend checking the power cable that it is not loose. Try using different wall outlets to plug in the Orbi. Also, if you feel the need, use a UPS to ensure a stable power to the Orbi device. You should also check the power to the modem. If the modem is not receiving a consistent power then also you’ll face similar issues.

  1. Reduce Interference

Is your Netgear Orbi sharing its location with interference causing devices? This is another reason why you are getting internet issues. Keep your Orbi away from devices such as baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens to avoid signal interference. Also, keep it away from reflective surfaces and absorbing materials like timber walls, heavy wooden floors etc. After you have shifted the Orbi, you will not see purple light on it. Try to access Orbi login page to see if the internet is working or not.

  1. Reset the Orbi System

When nothing else helps you resolve the Orbi purple or pink light, then the last resort that you’re left with is to reset the Orbi to the default values. Remove the LAN cable connected to it first. Thereafter, press and hold the Reset button with the help of a sharp pointed object. Avoid using a pen or pencil. Use a straightened paper clip instead. Release the button when the router begins blinking. The Orbi router is now reset.  This has also reset Orbi admin password. You should now use the default password to log in to Orbi and set it up once again.

In the End

After you set up your Netgear Orbi system after resetting it, there won’t be any purple light on its ring LED.  You can easily connect to its network now that you have given it a fresh start. Go ahead and check for firmware updates for your Orbi now. Keep it updated to keep issues at bay. Make certain that your Orbi is always running on the most recent firmware version. So you need to update it as soon as an update is released.

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