Things You Need To Know Before Committing To Hearing Aids

Things You Need To Know Before Committing To Hearing Aids

February 16, 2024

We all know the importance of having good hearing health. However, there are people who start to suffer from hearing loss as they age. People who experience hearing loss must get their tests done on time. An expert audiologist can help you with the right solution, which includes hearing aids and other devices that improve hearing.

But is it enough to have a hearing aid for a better life?

No, not at all!

This is because many people don’t feel comfortable wearing hearing devices. Yes, hearing devices are external aids that are used for enhanced hearing. Research indicates that over 20% of people return their hearing aids without even using them. While some people only use their devices in case of dire need. This clearly indicates that people find it cumbersome to wear hearing assistance, and that’s the reason they avoid using them.

Is it right to avoid hearing aids?

No, not at all!

This is because hearing aids are a MUST for people experiencing hearing impairment. Studies suggest that severe hearing loss leads to several chronic disorders, which include depression, anxiety, and so on. It can even lead to social isolation because people who experience hearing loss often stay quiet just to avoid asking others to repeat themselves. And there are several other reasons that make hearing aids a necessity for people suffering from hearing impairment. Avoiding wearing hearing assistance can take a toll on one’s overall wellbeing.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, the only solution is to make people aware of the things that are important before committing to a hearing aid. Yes, there are several factors that one needs to consider before buying a hearing device. In this post, we shall discuss some of them to help you get prepared for a healthy hearing.

So, let’s get started…

Most Important Things To Know Prior To Using Hearing Aids

Here are some of the important things to keep in mind before you start using hearing devices. Take a look…


Hearing Aids Are External Devices

Everyone who is recommended to wear hearing aid must know that these are external devices and they might feel some discomfort initially. Yes, anything you wear for the first time causes discomfort, especially during old age. People should know that this discomfort goes away with time and regular use. Hence, avoiding wearing hearing assistance is not the solution. Instead, one can become accustomed to them with regular use.

Hearing Aids Need Regular Maintenance

It is important to understand that proper maintenance is necessary for hearing aids to function effectively for a long time. So, if you are asked to wear hearing devices, don’t forget to gather information about their maintenance and upkeep.

Regular Follow-ups Are Necessary

Buying only a high-quality or branded hearing aid is not enough. You will need to follow up with your audiologist to ensure healthy hearing at all times. More often than not, people keep using their aids even when they have poor fit, poor sound quality, or other discomforts. This is not how you should adjust to new devices. Of course, we know that initially, you may have some difficulty wearing them constantly. But with time, you will start accepting them as part of your overall wellbeing. However, if you are experiencing discomfort for any reason, it is crucial to meet your audiologist. They will help you with the right solution. If the sound is a problem, they will adjust it accordingly. If the fit is a problem, they may replace the device with a new one. So, there are solutions, but you need to see a specialist for timely solutions. They will troubleshoot any problems that you might be facing with your aids.


 It takes time to become used to hearing aids.

Wearing hearing assistance is very different from wearing headphones or other in-ear gadgets. You need to be patient in order to become accustomed to hearing devices. It takes a week or more of constant use of your hearing aids before you adjust to them. It takes time to become acclimated to the louder noises and begin to recognize the benefits of using them. Remember that only when you use them constantly, you can become acclimated to them. Otherwise, you will keep on avoiding wearing them and facing problems associated with hearing impairments. And that’s not how it should be!

You Need To Relearn How To Hear And Process Sounds

If you have been suffering from hearing loss for a long time, then you might face difficulty with hearing assistance initially. This is because when you wear aids, you hear sounds that you might not have heard for long. This, in turn, can cause people to have feelings of discomfort and awkwardness. That’s why it is crucial for individuals planning to commit to hearing aids to relearn how to hear and process sounds. Know that your brain will take time to accept the new change in your life. Your brain may take some time to process and organize all of the new information that is coming into your ears. So, be patient!

Patience Is The Key To Healthy Hearing

Hearing aids might make it challenging for you to understand the sound of your own voice, especially when you begin using them. People with hearing loss often claim that their own voice seemed unusual or unfamiliar to them when they first wore hearing aids. This is a normal phenomenon; hence, you need to be patient during the first few days of using your hearing aids. Once you get accustomed to these devices, you will start to feel happy and energetic. Also, it will impact your overall wellbeing in a positive manner that you will adore for sure! Yes, you will be able to listen to conversations clearly, participate in discussions or events, feel happier than ever before, and much more! So, all in all, hearing aids are the best bet for you or your loved ones if there is some hearing impairment.

Trial Is Necessary

Last but not least, a trial of your aids is necessary before committing to them. More often than not, people just buy over-the-counter hearing aids. Well, this is not a nice practice at all. This is because the majority of over-the-counter hearing devices are generic. They offer limited output and might not help people with more severe hearing loss. If you are experiencing hearing loss and want to have hearing assistance, then visit a reputable clinic. A reputable hearing clinic, such as Family Hearing Centre, Newcastle, always provides patients with a trial period. During this time, patients are able to acclimatize to the hearing aids, become accustomed to the new sounds, and assess whether or not they enjoy using the devices. Also, during the trial, you will know whether the device is the right fit or not. In addition, your audiologist will also make adjustments to the programming and the fit of the hearing aids in order to help you have comfortable hearing with hearing assistance!

Wrapping it up…

So, these are the most important things that you need to know in order to have an amazing experience with your hearing aids. Make sure to choose a reputable facility for your hearing tests. Family Hearing Centre in Newcastle is a renowned hearing clinic. We use cutting-edge tools and technology for conducting hearing tests. In addition, we also offer high-quality hearing solutions at the most affordable prices. If you are experiencing hearing loss, feel free to visit us. Our team of expert audiologists will not only help you choose the best hearing aids but also provide you with detailed information regarding hearing aids! 


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