Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Charlotte NC

Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Charlotte NC

November 30, 2023

Seafood-based dishes are the most aromatic, delectable, and visually stunning. People from all over the world adore its exquisite flavor. Each type of seafood has a distinct flavor. Such as lobster, crawfish, cod, tuna, crab, and other shellfish. Without a doubt, seafood is delicious and carries a lot of nutritious value. It has a high protein content and little fat. It has omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for human health and occur solely in seafood. When prepared correctly, seafood is highly nutrient-dense and delicious. However improper preparation can cause it to lose flavor and nutritional value.

Nothing compares to the nutritional value of fresh, homemade seafood. Would you like to enjoy the seafood that is exactly like you have at home?

Charlotte, NC has a ton of seafood places serving tasty seafood. Every seafood restaurant, Charlotte, NC specializes in a different kind of seafood flavor. That seafood solely depends on the flavor that patrons prefer. These eateries modify their flavors and seasonings as per the client’s tastes. As a result, not all of the restaurants meet the high culinary criteria that our taste buds have set, but some are still worth visiting. This is because these restaurants’ meals are satisfying in terms of flavor, taste, price, and other factors. Thus, we're going to discuss some of the best seafood boil restaurant, Charlotte NC. These eateries are favorites among both locals and tourists from other cities.

Red Crab Juicy Seafood Restaurant and Bar

Location: 10224 Perimeter Pkwy, Charlotte, NC 28216

Type “seafood near me” on the search engine to find the nearest Red Crab location to you. It is because Red Crab has many locations in the US. You may find one of the locations in Charlotte, NC. The restaurant prioritizes customers first that’s why they received immense success. Let’s tell you what the restaurant’s specialty is and about the dining experience there.


The warm ambiance of Red Crab is ideal for parties with loved ones or casual meals. Its bright, nautically themed décor will make you feel as though you've entered a coastal paradise.

Seafood Boils

The unique way of serving seafood at Red Crab differs from other seafood eateries in the area. Their specialty is Cajun seafood boil. They include fresh seafood and veggies along with fresh Cajun seasoning. The cooks at Red Crab freshly prepare the Cajun seasoning in their kitchen. They use flavorful spices and aromatic herbs to make the seasoning from scratch. As a result, their Cajun seafood boil, Charlotte NC is brimming with flavor.

Moreover, the seafood boil is customizable at Red Crab. First of all, select the seafood of your choice. There is a large variety of seafood options available on the menu at Red Crab. Choose from lobster, crab, shrimp, mussels, crawfish, or a combination of all. Secondly, select the sauce to flavor your seafood boil. Lastly, choose the level of spiciness. Hence, you’ll enjoy a wonderful seafood boil, Charlotte NC this way.

Seafood Menu

Other than seafood boils, Red Crab serves a variety of classic seafood dishes on their Cajun seafood menu. These dishes are crab cakes, fried tilapia, shrimp pasta, half-shell oysters, etc. To complete your meal, they also serve an array of fresh salads and sides.

For those who love seafood, a trip to Charlotte, NC's Red Crab is a must. Whether you’re a native or a visitor in Charlotte, do try Red Crab’s seafood cuisine. From seafood boils to other seafood meals, you’ll crave more.

Sea Level NC

Sea Level NC is a must-see for seafood fans. It is located in the center of Uptown Charlotte. This restaurant takes pride in obtaining the freshest seafood available from the Carolinas and beyond. They have a great selection of delectable dishes on their menu. Such as fish tacos, crab legs, shrimp, and oysters. The atmosphere is sleek and pleasant. Moreover, the helpful and kind staff makes a wonderful dining experience.

King's Crab Shack & Oyster Bar

This eatery is the perfect place to go if you're in the mood to enjoy casual seafood dining. It is part of the historic South End District. This casual restaurant is ideal for a fun and laid-back evening with friends. They have a large range of seafood items on their menu. It also includes steamed mussels, crawfish, and crab legs. They have some delicious oysters Rockefeller and legendary crab cakes that you should try.

The Waterman Fish Bar

It is located in the trendy Plaza Midwood district. This eatery is an oasis for seafood aficionados. This small, pleasant restaurant is ideal for calm evenings or romantic dates because of its cozy, intimate setting. A variety of delectable and vibrant seafood selections are available on their menu. Such as ceviche, grilled octopus, and their famous lobster roll. For a delightful dining experience, pair your meal with one of their artisan cocktails or select from their large beer and wine list.

Eddie V's Prime Seafood

Eddie V's Prime Seafood is the best option for people looking for a more elegant seafood dining experience. This classy restaurant, which is near South Park, has a classy ambiance and first-rate service. They make sure there is something to satisfy everyone on their menu by offering both excellent steaks and seafood. Savor the delectable buttery live Maine lobster or their succulent Chilean sea bass. Eddie V's is a restaurant that is sure to wow with its amazing cuisine and elegant atmosphere.


To sum up, there are a ton of seafood restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, to suit every taste and desire. The city has everything you could want, from an elegant to a laid-back seafood experience. The five best seafood restaurants listed above are not to be missed since they provide a distinct and remarkable taste of the sea. So gather your hunger and discover this dynamic city's seafood scene!

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