Top ways to land a Job in AI World: 2023

Top ways to land a Job in AI World: 2023

November 18, 2023

Hey, welcome to another blog!

In this blog, we are going to dive deep into the world of skills, AI, and Job listings.

I’m sure, we are going to explore some hidden facts and unexplored areas.

And, the goal is to make you confident, till we end the article.

Enjoy it, understand it, and don’t fear the fact, because we can change them all.

So, let’s begin the discussion with the rise of AI.

The Rise of AI & Its Dominance in the Corporate World

In the world of fancy tech stuff, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big deal. It's like super smart computer programs that have been in the making for a really long time. AI has changed a lot of things, especially in how businesses work and how jobs are done. Let's take a simple look at the journey of AI, focusing on ChatGPT, a cool example of talking AI.

How AI Started in Business

So, way back in the 1950s, smart people like Alan Turing started thinking about making machines that could be smart like humans. They called it "artificial intelligence." Over the years, with better computer skills and cool ideas, AI went from being a niche thing to a must-have tool for big companies all around the world.

Jobs and AI Taking Over

Because AI is so good at doing certain types of jobs, some people in jobs that were kind of repetitive got replaced by AI systems. Like in factories, customer service, and data entry, where tasks were the same over and over, AI now does the job faster and better. This means people need to learn new things to stay important in their jobs.

Different Industries Affected by AI

AI has changed a bunch of industries. Factories now use robots more, and customer service uses computer programs instead of people. Even jobs that involve looking at data have shifted because AI does it quicker and doesn't get tired.

The Rise of ChatGPT

ChatGPT - A Super Smart AI

In the vast world of AI, ChatGPT is a star. It's made by a smart team at OpenAI. What makes it special is how it understands and talks like a human. It's really good at processing and generating text that sounds just like us. It's all about making conversations, sharing info, and giving insights.

How ChatGPT Works

ChatGPT uses a massive amount of info from different sources, all updated until January 2022. It learns from this info and responds in a way that makes sense based on patterns it recognizes. But, important to know, that ChatGPT doesn't have feelings or real-time info. It's good at what it does but doesn't know what's happening right now.

Thinking About What's Right with AI

Using AI also brings up some important questions, like fairness and privacy. We need to be careful in how we use AI so it doesn't cause unintended problems. It's about making smart choices so AI fits well into how businesses work.

Hope, this is enough to get a basic idea, of how AI has impacted our routine job life.

Also, it is important to note that I have highlighted some facts that we are going to create space for humans, so note them in your mind.

For example, the flaws we discussed about ChatGPT, like the lack of feelings and Real-time data.

Now, let’s move our discussion onto how to stay relevant in this AI world.

How to Stay Relevant in the World of AI?

AI is surely a thing that is somewhat more advanced to compete with.

With basic human skills and limited speed, we cannot match the power, knowledge, and capabilities of AI.

Hence, we have to act smartly to polish our skills and benefit from AI Power.

The question is How?

Let’s find the Answer.

So, let’s first check out where AI falls short and requires human skills.

Check out the AI's Weaknesses:

Despite being really smart, AI has its limitations. It struggles with understanding human emotions, making it tricky in jobs that require empathy. Creativity, driven by spontaneous human thinking, is also a challenge for AI, which works on preset rules and historical data. When it comes to ethical decision-making, AI falters, highlighting the crucial role of human judgment. Additionally, AI faces issues in handling uncertainty, excelling in clear-cut scenarios but struggling in situations where human intuition shines.

Here, we discussed the gaps that humans can fill, so let’s have a look at some of our skills too.

Human Skills Take Center Stage:

So, here is what we can add on using the gaps created by AI:

Emotional Intelligence in Service Jobs: Jobs that require empathy, like customer service, counseling, and healthcare, value the human touch.

Creativity Rules in Design and Marketing: Industries relying on design and marketing thrive on human creativity, driving innovation to meet evolving consumer needs.

Ethical Oversight and Governance: To avoid ethical issues in AI, human oversight is vital. Careers in AI ethics and governance are growing to ensure responsible AI use.

Adapting to Unpredictable Situations: Human-centric roles excel in handling unpredictability, crucial in emergency response, crisis management, and leadership.

Now, let's just quickly, get our hands on the skills required to stay relevant.

Smart Moves for Staying Relevant:

In a job market influenced by AI, being proactive is key. 

So, here are some of the practical tips, you can get your hands on:

Keep Learning: Stay updated on AI trends. Learn skills that complement AI, like data interpretation and basic programming.

Embrace Creativity and Critical Thinking: Develop creative problem-solving skills. Think critically, considering challenges from different angles.

Cultivate Emotional Intelligence: Improve emotional intelligence through training. Highlight interpersonal skills on resumes and in interviews.

Explore Interdisciplinary Skills: Combine skills from different fields. Jobs needing a mix of tech expertise and specialized knowledge are in demand.

Adopt a Growth Mindset: See challenges as chances for personal and professional growth. Be open to learning new skills as job requirements change.

Network and Collaborate: Build a diverse professional network. Collaborate with people from various backgrounds for broader perspectives.

Position as an Ethical Leader: Understand AI ethics and governance. Companies look for professionals who can guide ethical AI use.

Jobs Created by AI

Top 10 Jobs AI Creates for Humans

Not only, does AI take your job it also creates a few for you:

Don’t believe it?

Let’s have a look at a few, but to make it more relatable, we will discuss what you do and why it matters:

AI Ethicist:

What you do: Focus on the ethical side of AI and make sure it's used responsibly.

Why it matters: As AI becomes a big part of different industries, we need people who can understand and navigate the ethical issues related to AI.

Data Analyst or Scientist:

What you do: Analyze and interpret data, which is crucial for AI applications.

Why it matters: With AI using a lot of data, there's a high demand for people who can make sense of big sets of information.

Human-Machine Teaming Specialist:

What you do: Improve how humans and AI systems work together.

Why it matters: Making sure that humans and AI work well together by designing interfaces and systems.

AI Trainer or Educator:

What you do: Train AI systems and help others understand AI technologies.

Why it matters: AI needs training data, and there's a growing need for people who can manage this and teach others about AI.

Digital Health Coach:

What you do: Use AI to provide personalized health advice and monitor patient progress.

Why it matters: Combining healthcare knowledge with technology to better engage patients and provide support.

Robotics Specialist:

What you do: Design, program, and maintain robots for different uses.

Why it matters: The field of robotics is evolving, and we need experts who can create and manage robots for various applications.

Augmented Reality (AR) Developer:

What you do: Create applications that blend digital information with the real world.

Why it matters: AR has applications in gaming, education, and healthcare, enhancing how we interact with our environment.

Digital Marketing Strategist:

What you do: Use AI tools for data analysis in digital marketing campaigns.

Why it matters: While AI changes how we market digitally, human creativity and strategic thinking are still crucial for effective campaigns.

Cybersecurity Analyst:

What you do: Protect AI systems, data, and networks from cyber threats.

Why it matters: As AI becomes more integrated, we need experts to ensure its security and protect against potential dangers.

Augmentation Specialist in Manufacturing:

What you do: Optimize the collaboration between AI-driven automation and human labour in manufacturing.

Why it matters: In manufacturing, it's important to have people who can make AI and humans work seamlessly together to improve efficiency and quality.

AI vs Human

Tricks to Grow in Your Relevant Field with AI

Not only that, apart from previously mentioned jobs AI can also help you in making your job more responsive, productive, and result-oriented in your relevant field.

Want to know, how?

Let’s get into this.

Customer Service Representatives:

AI-powered chatbots handle common questions, so human reps can focus on tougher issues, making customers happier.

Sales Professionals:

AI analyzes lots of data to find potential customers and suggests effective sales strategies, helping to sell more.

Human Resources Specialists:

AI speeds up hiring by scanning resumes and doing initial interviews, letting HR folks build relationships and plan the workforce better.

Financial Analysts:

AI helps analyze financial data quickly, giving insights into market trends and investment opportunities, so analysts can make smart decisions.

Project Managers:

AI tools make project planning easier, managing resources and risks, and letting managers focus on planning and teamwork.

Supply Chain Managers:

AI predicts demand, manages inventory, and deals with potential problems, making the supply chain work better and cost less.

Legal Professionals:

AI tools help lawyers by quickly finding legal information, giving more time for them to analyze complex legal stuff.

Marketing Managers:

AI tools give real-time data on campaigns and market trends, helping marketers create better and more targeted ads.

Learning and Development Specialists:

AI makes employee training personal, analyzing how people learn to make training more effective.

Office Managers:

AI-run office systems manage facilities and resources, making workspaces better for employees.

Content Writers:

AI tools assist in writing, optimizing content, and suggesting improvements, letting writers be more creative.

Skills for the AI

Social Media Managers:

AI analyzes social media data, helping managers create better content and engage users more effectively.

Event Planners:

AI helps plan events by managing logistics and predicting success factors, making events more memorable.

Graphic Designers:

AI automates repetitive tasks, freeing up designers to focus on creative and unique parts of their projects.

Research Analysts:

AI speeds up research, helping analysts find important information quickly.

Health and Safety Managers:

AI monitors workplace safety, identifying potential risks for a safer work environment.

Real Estate Agents:

AI predicts property values and market trends, helping agents meet client needs better.

Executive Assistants:

AI-powered virtual assistants handle routine tasks, letting human assistants focus on more important things.

Retail Merchandisers:

AI-driven analytics manage inventory and predict consumer trends, ensuring stores have what people want.

Quality Assurance Testers:

AI automates testing processes, making sure software works well, so testers can focus on more complex tasks.

Now, I would love to ask that question again.

Do you fear AI, now?

If No, that’s the answer I was expecting from you.

It’s time to say goodbye, so let’s move on to the conclusion.

Hey, don’t miss that, it is equally important as this article.

A Message to Convey

Situations like movies that we saw about the AI Age, especially Terminator might be true or false.

By the way, Arnold is love. :)

Don't fear AI

But we are humans, we win every time, in every situation, and the only thing we have to do for this is to stay calm.

We don’t need an arsenal to fight this digital age, we have to act smart or be smart.

Control AI, rule them, they can be your savior.

Don’t let them overrule you.

Hope, you liked the article, and have thousands of questions in your mind.

Let’s answer them in my DM, visit me at LinkedIn.

Follow me to get the latest updates on my blog.

Use AAJJO’s Free platform to write your thoughts.

Mention me, and I’ll be a part of your success journey.

See you in my next blog, Stay Healthy, Own Success. 😊

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