Understanding the Revocation of Power of Attorney in Estate Planning

Understanding the Revocation of Power of Attorney in Estate Planning

February 13, 2024

In estate planning, the power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that saves people the hassle of naming a person or institution to act on their behalf for financial-related issues and other matters. Nevertheless, there might be cases when the principal may want to take back or alter one or more powers that have been granted through a POA. In Perth, Western Australia, dealing with the complexities of revoking a POA with an estate planning lawyer Perth with a good understanding of local laws and regulations becomes a necessity.

What is a power of attorney?

Power of attorney is a legal document that authorizes a person such as attorney-in-fact or an agent to act and make decisions on behalf of a principal. The extent of these powers is financial affairs, property, healthcare, or legal issues, which is specified in the terms of POA document. The principal can cancel or change the POA even after s/he has one, as long as s/he still is of sound mind to do so.

Reasons for Revoking a Power of Attorney

There are various reasons why an individual may choose to revoke a power of attorney, including:

1. Changes in Circumstances: Examples of such circumstances include marriage, divorce, birth of children or significant changes in financial status that may lead to revision of the current POA terms.

2. Loss of Trust: If the trustee does not trust the appointed agent to act in their best interests anymore, the trustee can rescind the POA and appoint a new agent.

3. Incompetence or Misconduct: If the agent fails to carry out his functions well or indulges in misbehavior, then the principal may decide to revoke his mandate.

4. Legal Formalities: Sometimes, the POA may not be in conformity with requirements of law or may contain errors, thus, prompting its revocation and re-execution.


5. Resolving Disputes: When a power of attorney gets disputed, estate planning lawyers come to the rescue of their clients by providing legal services and representation in court. These could take a number of forms like conflict resolution through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.


In estate planning, the revocation of the power of attorney is a serious matter that should be approached with caution and full compliance with the set legal procedures. Under the mentorship and knowledge of an experienced lawyer specialised in estate planning, a person would be able to revoke the previous wills with assurance, a guarantee that one will be treated as per their preference. Whether revoking a POA for any reason such as pending changes, loss of trust, or others, seeking legal assistance will ensure an easy and successful transition.

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