Vi Music - Free Music APP

Vi Music - Free Music APP

February 24, 2024

The most frustrating thing about playing music is the sudden addition of ads. The ViMusic app is completely ad-free, making for a great experience listening to music without any interruptions.



ViMusic apk uses YouTube Music API which supports all Android phones without rooting. It does not require any modification to the device system which is risky and may harm your device. There is no risk in using the Vimusic app.


Offline Music

ViMusic allows offline music listening, just download your favorite songs and listen when you don’t have internet. Make sure you have enough storage space for it.


Background Playback


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Vi Music - Free Music APP

Vi Music software is developed by “vfsfitvnm”. Vi Music APK began as a simple but creative web-based music application. And has since become well-known among music enthusiasts all around the world. Read More