Vibro Sifter Machine

Vibro Sifter Machine

May 21, 2024

A vibro sifter, also known as a vibrating sieve or vibratory separator, is a versatile machine used in various industries for grading, sieving, and separating materials based on particle size. It consists of a vibratory motor that generates vibrations, which are transmitted to a sieve mesh or screen.

Here's how it typically works:

Material Loading: The material to be processed is loaded onto the top of the sieve or screen.

Vibration: The vibratory motor generates vibrations that cause the entire sieve assembly to vibrate. These vibrations help to separate particles based on size.

Separation: As the material moves along the sieve surface due to the vibrations, particles smaller than the sieve mesh openings fall through the mesh, while larger particles are retained on top.

Discharge: Depending on the design of the vibro sifter, the separated materials may be discharged through different outlets. For example, finer particles may exit through one outlet, while oversized particles may be discharged through another.

Vibro sifters are used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, chemicals, cosmetics, and minerals. They are employed for tasks such as particle size classification, scalping, de-dusting, and removing foreign material from bulk products. The versatility, efficiency, and gentle handling of materials make vibro sifters essential equipment in many manufacturing processes.



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