What are the benefits of e-bikes that are driving the growth of the Vietnam electric two-wheeler market?

What are the benefits of e-bikes that are driving the growth of the Vietnam electric two-wheeler market?

February 08, 2024

Electric two-wheelers are a type of transportation that consists of an electric motor and battery. The constant innovations in the design and functioning of EVs are making them easily manageable in hills, can travel long distances, and keep up with the flow of traffic. These vehicles are gaining momentum in the Vietnam market due to their cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and urban adaptability. Ev uses motors to move forward by utilizing energy stored in batteries. Electric vehicles use lithium batteries that last up to 8 years. The electric two-wheeler setup appears more promising, in the form of purchasing, research, and investments, which makes electric vehicles the first choice of customers. Vietnam electric two-wheeler market is significantly growing due to their salient features and the rising awareness regarding the use of electric vehicles.

The benefits of using electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity due to their wide range of advantages from being light and zippy to being very economical. The major benefits of electric vehicles are as follows.

  • Economical: One of the biggest benefits of using electric vehicles is affordability. The purchasing cost of the vehicle is slightly higher than that of a regular vehicle. The increasing prices of petroleum are proving EVs an excellent choice over petrol-fueled vehicles.
  • Vast range of options: The popularity of e-vehicles has been on the rise as many automobile enterprises have ventured into this space and provided a vast range of options to consumers.
  • Easy to recharge: The charging process is very simple and convenient; all you need is to plug the battery into the charger and leave it for the required time.
  • Light and zippy: The modern electric vehicles are designed innovatively, they are zippy, light, and sleek. They can be easily handled because of their low weight and non-metallic body.
  • Eco-friendly: The major benefit of an electric two-wheeler is that it emits no harmful gases. Due to the increasing environmental effects, consumers are shifting preferences towards eco-friendly vehicles in Vietnam.

Major components of electric two-wheeler:

Electric bikes are the result of thoroughly designed components, functioning together to provide an efficient and smooth ride.

  • Battery management system (BMS) and Battery pack: The battery pack is the energy drive of an electric two-wheeler. BMS consists of lithium batteries, integrated into these vehicles because they have high durability and density.
  • Motor and Power source: Motor is the denoted as heart of the electric two-wheeler, that converts electric energy into mechanical motion. It’s commonly brushless and designed for reliability and efficiency.
  • Electric speed controllers (ESCs): ESCs are like the brain in these vehicles. It regulates power distribution and ensures a safe and smooth ride. ESCs control the acceleration and breaking of the vehicle by managing the instructions sent to the motor.
  • Regenerative braking system: The RBS is an innovative feature in electric two-wheelers that enhances their efficiency. This system reverses the motor’s operation at the time of braking and transforms kinetic energy back into electrical energy.

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