What are the components of SAP BRIM?

What are the components of SAP BRIM?

January 04, 2024

Now, let's delve into the specifics of SAP BRIM online training by Multisoft Virtual Academy, examining its key components, functionalities, and the benefits it brings to businesses.


SAP BRIM provides a flexible framework for managing the complete life cycle of a business, including the stages of design, sales, billing, and delivery.

In the initial phase, SAP BRIM certification focuses on design, aiding in establishing a uniform approach for pricing and business models. This phase involves the creation of a master agreement, which lays the groundwork for subsequent processes. The second phase is centered around solution sales. In this stage, businesses develop strategies for selling their products through contract or quote management systems provided by SAP BRIM. The third phase deals with solution delivery, where businesses determine their pricing strategies for their service offerings. This involves deciding how to charge customers based on the chosen business model. For example, a company might choose an event-based model, specifying the events that trigger billing, or a consumption-based model, determining different tiers of usage for billing purposes.

Finally, the solution billing phase is where SAP BRIM assists organizations in finalizing their billing and invoicing strategies, based on the decisions made in the earlier phases. This phase also includes managing revenue recognition and utilizing various tools for revenue assessment.

SAP BRIM Components

1. SAP BRIM Subscription Order Management (SOM)

This component manages the entire lifecycle of subscription orders. It supports complex order processes, product bundling, and order changes. SOM integrates with other SAP systems to ensure smooth order fulfillment and billing. It's essential for businesses that offer subscription-based products or services, enabling them to efficiently manage recurring orders and maintain customer satisfaction.

2. SAP Convergent Charging

This module allows for flexible pricing and charging mechanisms for products and services. It's particularly useful for businesses with complex pricing structures. Convergent Charging supports real-time rating and charging processes, enabling businesses to tailor pricing based on various factors like usage, time, or customer segments. It's integral in telecommunications and utility sectors where usage-based billing is common.

3. SAP Convergent Invoicing

This component consolidates billing processes across different lines of business. It enables the creation of single, unified invoices for customers, even if they're receiving multiple services. This simplification improves customer experience and efficiency in billing operations. Convergent Invoicing is crucial for organizations with diverse product portfolios and aims to streamline the billing process by reducing complexity.

4. SAP Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA)

This is a sub-ledger accounting system designed for high-volume transactions. It's particularly useful in industries like utilities, insurance, and telecommunications. FI-CA supports complex billing scenarios, payment plans, and dunning processes. It provides detailed information on each customer account, enabling better management of receivables and payables.

5. SAP Convergent Mediation by Digital Route

This tool helps in collecting and processing usage data from various sources for billing and analytics purposes. It's essential in environments where accurate and real-time data collection is critical for billing. Convergent Mediation ensures that the data feeding into the billing system is accurate, timely, and comprehensive, supporting effective decision-making.

6. OpenText for SAP

OpenText integrates with SAP to manage digital content and documents. It helps in automating document-centric processes and ensures efficient handling of business documents within SAP systems. This is crucial for maintaining compliance, improving access to information, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

7. Payment Gateways Integration in SAP

This involves integrating external payment gateway services with SAP systems to facilitate secure and efficient payment processing. It's crucial for e-commerce and retail businesses that need to process online payments. This integration ensures a seamless payment experience for customers and reliable transaction processing for the business.

8. SAP Customer Financial Management

This component focuses on managing customer financial interactions, including credit management, collections, and dispute management. It helps businesses improve their cash flow by optimizing the processes related to customer payments and financial transactions. It's critical for maintaining healthy financial operations and minimizing credit risk.

9. SAP Revenue Accounting and Reporting (RAR)

RAR helps businesses comply with revenue recognition standards like IFRS 15 and ASC 606. It manages and reports revenue from contracts with customers. This component is essential for accurate financial reporting and compliance. It ensures that revenue is recognized in the correct period and in accordance with international accounting standards.

10. SAP Entitlement Management

This module manages and automates the lifecycle of customer entitlements, licenses, and services. It's essential for software and service providers who need to control and track customer access to their products. Entitlement Management ensures that customers receive the right services or products based on their purchases and agreements.


SAP BRIM online training & certification course by Multisoft Virtual Academy stands as a powerful tool for managing subscription-based and recurring revenue streams. This system enables corporate training and businesses to swiftly and effectively adapt to customer needs. It excels in processing large volumes of data with efficiency. 

Ultimately, SAP BRIM facilitates the optimization of the entire lifecycle of selling services and products, as well as managing revenue sharing, making the process smoother and more effective.

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