What Are the Different Types of Espresso Coffee Machine?

What Are the Different Types of Espresso Coffee Machine?

August 23, 2021

Espresso is a bittersweet, extremely concentrated coffee that originated in Italy. While the flavor of espresso varies greatly depending on the coffee (including roast), grind quality, and brewing technique, a well-made espresso will have a substantial body, rich texture, and bittersweet flavor. A coating of crema (foam) should be present on the surface of each shot, ranging in hue from golden to dark tan.

When it comes to the matter at hand, there are many different types of espresso machines, which can be classified based on the mechanism that produces pressure, which is a crucial component in the production of espresso. Let's have a look at the different types of espresso coffee machines if you don't know what they are.

Different Types of Espresso Coffee Maker Available In the Market

There are seven different types of espresso machines, with variants in water flow (reservoir, direct connect, and volumetric espresso machines) and boiler, double boiler, and heat exchanging espresso machines. Let's begin by learning about the many varieties of espresso coffee machines and their benefits and drawbacks.

  1. Pump Driven Espresso Machines

    Pump-driven espresso machines are particularly popular since they use a simple pump to provide the pressure required for espresso production. These devices eliminate the physical workout as well as the plethora of issues that manual and steam-powered equipment can cause. Pump espresso machines are wonderful for consistent shots and can be customized to some extent. Pumps are usually more expensive than manual devices due to the high cost of good pumps.

    These machines are ideal for those who desire a consistent shot of espresso but don't mind sacrificing some control over the amount of pressure utilized.


    • No need for physical effort

    • Less expensive than those powered by steam

    • Consistent espresso production


    • Expensive compared to manual pumps

    • Doesn’t offer much customization

    • Costly

  2. Steam Driven Espresso Machines

    Until steam was utilized to produce the pressure essential for preparing outstanding espresso, all espresso shots were drawn by hand with a manual or lever machine. These machines bring water to a boil and then enable steam to build up. After that, the pressure is transferred to the coffee grinds, which are subsequently brewed. These machines are often intricate and delicate at the same time, and they are subjected to a great deal of stress. They can go wrong in a variety of ways, so using them correctly and safely requires some experience. They are also usually quite costly.
    These machines are ideal for individuals who desire the high pressure needed to brew superior espresso without having to spend time manipulating levers.


    • Generates a lot of pressure for a great espresso
    • They don't necessitate any physical effort


    • Possibility of causing issues
    • Possibility of using it in various ways
    • Costly
  3. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

    The pressure needed for espresso is generated by a pump in semi-automatic espresso machines. You'll need to know when to stop the brewing process yourself, as these machines normally have an on/off toggle to control water flow through the espresso grinds. The flow of espresso must be monitored or measured, and the machine must be turned off as desired. While this does necessitate some skill, it also allows for some espresso customisation. A steaming milk option is frequently included in these.
    These machines are ideal for individuals looking for a simple brewing method that includes a milk steaming option as well as a single, but crucial, point of modification for espresso brewing.


    • Provides some flexibility in terms of personalization
    • Often include option for streaming milk


    • No way to change the temperature
    • Brewing necessitates some knowledge
    • Requires attention through brewing process
  4. Manual or Lever Espresso Machines

    Water moves very slowly through very fine espresso grinds under normal pressure, and the time it takes to prepare a good or even passable espresso under no pressure is just too lengthy. Espresso machines use pressure to reduce the extraction time – the amount of time the water comes into contact with the grounds. Espresso should be made with up to 15 bars of pressure, which is created by you, the barista, on either manual or lever equipment. These machines have a lever that makes applying pressure simple, and you can regulate brew time and water flow by varying the amount of pressure used, resulting in a very customizable espresso shot.
    These machines are ideal for individuals who seek complete control over every variable in their espresso brewing process.
    • Provides a lot of customization options
    • No faulty pumps or machines
    • Strenuous on the body
    • Requires experience to get right
  5. Automatic Espresso Machines

    Automatic espresso machines are similar to semi-automatic machines, except that they automatically shut off the water. You'll have little to no control over the temperature and even less control over the brewing duration as a result. In exchange for your shot customization, you'll get a machine that can be set up and left to run without you needing to watch it or know when to stop it. Many of these machines may also be set on timers so that you can wake up to freshly brewed espresso.
    These machines are perfect for those who want a fully automatic shot of espresso, appreciate the idea of a set-it-and-forget-it brewing style, and don't mind grinding their own espresso or buying pre-ground espresso.


    • No experience needed
    • Brewing procedure is simple and automatic
    • Often can be set on timers


    • Very little customization for your shot
  6. Super-Automatic Espresso Machines

    Espresso machines that are fully automatic go much further! These machines have an automatic shutoff feature and can usually be set on timers, but they also grind your beans for you. This ensures the freshest espresso possible, as well as a significant improvement in taste and quality. They provide even less adjustability, as the grinders included in these machines typically don't have very small grind increments and aren't as constant as a manual or independent electric grinder. They're usually pricey, but the convenience is hard to top!
    These machines are ideal for espresso consumers who prefer a fully automated brew procedure that may be scheduled rather than customizing their shot. It's also ideal for individuals who seek the greatest espresso possible from freshly ground beans.


    • Ensures that espresso is always fresh
    • Often can be set on timers
    • No prerequisite experiences needed


    • Very little customization
    • Pre-ground espresso is often unavailable
  7. Ultra-Automatic Espresso Machines

    Ultra-automatic espresso machines include milk steaming or foaming in addition to everything that super-automatic espresso machines do. These machines provide a fully automated brewing process with freshly ground beans, as well as the ability to prepare mixed coffee drinks for you. Picture waking up to a freshly brewed latte or cappuccino – you won't have to imagine it with an ultra-automatic machine.
    These machines are frequently quite pricey and offer almost no customization. They're ideal for espresso fans who desire a robotic barista in their house who can be programmed to prepare fresh espresso or mixed coffee beverages with little or no human intervention.


    • Barista machine with full automation
    • Steamed milk with freshly ground coffee
    • Capable of preparing a variety of coffee beverages
    • Can be set on times


    • Offers no customization
    • Quite costly

The Bottom Line

Espresso is a sophisticated and highly personal beverage, which means it may be prepared and modified in a variety of ways. When beginning your research into making espresso at home, the first question come to our mind regarding different types of espresso machine that suits you and your lifestyle perfectly. 

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