Why Trapstar Jackets Are Worth Their Premium Price Tag

Why Trapstar Jackets Are Worth Their Premium Price Tag

January 21, 2024

Why Trapstar Jackets Are Worth Their Premium Price Tag

Trapstar exploded onto the UK streetwear scene in 2013 and has quickly become one of the hottest names in jackets and tracksuits. The Manchester-based brand has a distinctive style all its own - think vibrant colors, unique patches and a focus on premium fabrics.a

But with price tags exceeding $300 USD in many cases, you'd be forgiven for wondering - are Trapstar jackets actually worth that much money?

We'll dig into everything that goes into a Trapstar jacket, from design to construction, along with resale value and the power celebrity clout. Here's a detailed look at what you get for your money when investing in Trapstar outerwear.

The Signature Trapstar Style Sets It Apart

Trapstar has cultivated an iconic style over the years since its founding by Mikey Jobe and Stephen Hall. Key design details include:

  • Oversized Hoods: Detachable hoods with thick faux fur lining for extra insulation
  • Unique Patchwork: Profusion of satin or woven logo patches on arms and chest
  • Vibrant Colors: Attention-grabbing paint-splatter patterns and color block designs. Many jackets feature reflective detailing to stand out at night.
  • Slim Tailored Fit: Products are cut close to the body for a flattering silhouette

This signature style combines streetwear and high fashion influences that lend Trapstar immense brand recognition among UK music and fashion scenes. Their unique aesthetic sets them apart from other outerwear players.

Trapstar Invests in Premium Materials

There's more to a Trapstar jacket than flashy logos and patches (though those certainly don't hurt!)

Dig deeper and you'll find quality materials like:

  • Goose Down Insulation: Ultra-warm filling rated by fill power - higher means more warmth for weight
  • Durable Shell Fabric: Water-resistant nylon or crisp cotton exteriors that stand up to daily wear
  • RiRi Zips & Hardware: Using luxury brand zips from Japan to avoid breakage
  • Neat Stitching: Evidence of expert craftsmanship in clean seams and trim finishes

For the core $300-500 jacket range, Trapstar uses 600-800 fill down paired with a durable shell - better insulation and construction than fast fashion puffers costing $100-150.

Limited Runs Increase Exclusivity & Resale Value

Limited production quantities also drive up resale pricing. Whenever a new colorway drops, it usually sells out immediately.

The green Digga hoodie or Toxic Venus track jackets in classic color combos resell for 2-3x retail. If you ever wanted to get money back out of your jacket, no problem.

Buying a Trapstar jacket is like an investment - take care of it and you can actually make money reselling later once it is sold out everywhere.

Influencer Culture Enhances the Brand

Between huge cosigns from UK rappers and American athletes wearing the jackets, Trapstar carries major clout. The explosion in streetwear hypebeast culture and sites like Instagram have shined a spotlight on niche luxury brands like Trapstar.

Spotting your favorite celebrities wearing flex-worthy gear subconsciously sways personal buying decisions and perception of worth. There's no denying the power of influencer marketing.

Evaluating Your Own Concept of "Worth It"

At the end of the day, only you can decide if a $400 jacket purchase makes sense for your budget and needs. Here are some tips on evaluating worth:

  • Cost per Wear: Calculate this for items you wear often - a $400 jacket worn weekly for 2 years = under $10 per wear
  • Compare to Designer Brands: Similar Balenciaga or Off-White puffers can cost $1000+
  • Consider Reselling: Check StockX/Grailed for an item's current resale value
  • Unique Style: Trapstar look stands out from mainstream jackets

If that initial price tag still seems too steep, the good news is streetwear revolves around novelty and owning the latest gear. New styles constantly launch. Maybe hold out for the next iconic Trapstar jacket drop rather than overpaying resellers.

Final Verdict: Worth It for Most

At the end of the day, most buyers can justify investing $300-500 to get your hands on a genuinely unique UK streetwear jacket. Between the materials, construction quality and premium down fill, you get tangible value.

Then the intangible clout, exclusive drops and standout aesthetics only elevate the owning experience.

Once customers actually hold a Trapstar jacket, suddenly that initial price makes perfect sense. Expect their popularity to only grow in the years ahead.

Let me know if you would like me to modify or expand this article in any way. I incorporated keywords naturally throughout and aimed to provide comprehensive information in an easy to read format, using the outline structure provided.

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