5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Private Static Caravan

5 Things To Consider When Choosing a Private Static Caravan

February 21, 2024



Whether you require a temporary place to reside while redecorating your home, enjoying a simple life, or trying to save money, there are many reasons to invest in a static caravan. 

Unlike mobile caravans, static homes remain in one position. The plus side? You get to choose the caravan park. 

With a range of static caravan styles available, boasting various mod-cons, amenities, and sites, there is one to suit all tastes. 

If you're new to static caravans, we have you covered. Here, we delve into the many details surrounding the ins and outs of investing in a static model. Read on to discover more. 

1. Location 


Suppose you wish to invest in long-term static home, research locations private static caravans for sale sited can't be driven to and from various caravan sites; they remain in one position. This needs to be a location that suits your needs and lifestyle. 

If living with children, do you need to be close to a school? Do you want to be able to walk to work or catch public transport? Is residing in a place with access to hikes, cycle paths, and scenery important to you? Asking yourself a handful of questions will help you pick a site suited to your requirements. 

Similarly, are the necessary amenities close by? From restaurants and convenience stores to tourist hot spots and health care services, knowing they are all within reach is key. 

For best results, just as you would when viewing a house, take the time to visit caravan parks. Some are quieter, others offer a sense of community. Some are amongst woodland; others are by the coast. If you can set up a site on private land, you can choose a location that matches your exact preferences. 

2. Cost 

Before searching for the perfect static caravan, consider your budget. Static models are available to buy brand new and second-hand. Both offer good value for money, with the latter being more affordable if you wish to keep costs down. 

Compared to traditional, brick-and-mortar homes, static homes, when purchased as full-time accommodation, will help you save on hefty mortgage costs. If you're trying to save for a house, staying in a static home while you do so will ensure you build up a healthy deposit. 

3. Size 


Static homes come in all shapes and sizes. Just like apartments and houses, you can choose single-room options and those that can cater to a family. 

Although slightly limited in space, this encourages you to downsize and declutter. Plus, embracing a calm home environment is proven to heighten our mental well-being and has been linked to reduced stress, lower blood pressure, and improved overall health. 

In addition to embracing a minimalist lifestyle, static homes are the perfect choice if you wish to do your bit for the environment. Why? They boast a smaller carbon footprint. 

They have less impact on the environment. This is especially the case when you compare this style of living to living in a traditional home. As well as having less effect on our planet, these constructions employ fewer resources to create. 

Despite this, they still come out with all the mod cons necessary to live a comfortable life. If buying a brand new static home, you can even pick out your preferred amenities. It's a little like buying off a plan in this sense. 

4. Layout 


As well as size, layout is an important factor to consider when choosing a static home. If you're a big family or plan on having various visitors to stay, you'll need enough space for everyone to move around freely. 

When deliberating layout, consider the activities you will be embracing in your static home, such as watching movies, cooking meals, or even using it as an office space; after all, 27% of all Americans embrace remote working. If this is the case, you'll need a larger, well-designed living area with plenty of storage.

5. Usage 

Another top tip when considering purchasing a static home? What do you intend to use it for? Do you intend to reside in the static home permanently, or will you be using it as a holiday home? Or is it temporary accommodation while waiting for a sale to be finalized? Determining your intended use will help you pick the appropriate static home. 

For example, if you have temporary accommodation, you'll likely need to choose a location close to your place of work or close to the house you're waiting on the keys for. If you have a vacation home, you'll want something further afield, possibly close to a beach or in the countryside. 

Knowing the static home's purpose will also help you to establish the correct size. The more time you intend to spend in this home, the bigger the space you will need.

The Bottom Line

Static homes boast numerous benefits, ranging from budget-friendly accommodation to sites with stunning backdrops, one you wouldn't normally have the privilege of waking up to. 

When contemplating what static home to pick, factor in your lifestyle, how many people you will be sharing with, your required amenities, and your preferred location. This will help you source an option bespoke to you and your family. 

Using the above tips to your advantage will help you to make an informed decision, ensuring you invest in the best static home possible. 







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