5 Ways List Social Media On Business Cards

5 Ways List Social Media On Business Cards

June 01, 2024

Given this, it is impossible to over-emphasise the importance of social media, especially in the current digitalized world. Not only it provide the chance to advertise the product and interact with customers but also it improves networking options. Adding social media information to business cards is beneficial to any brand as it helps to increase the visibility and stature of the brand. Below are five creative ideas as to how to use social media on business cards for the best effect. 


Here is a list of Social Media On Business Cards: 


It is quite simple to incorporate social media icons and handles on business cards, and this is quite effective. These are the social media symbols that are easily identifiable and by including your handles, the recipient can easily locate and connect with you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. 


How to Do It: 

Design: Use easily identifiable logos that are of high quality for each of the social media platforms that you use. 

Placement: You should place these icons at the bottom part of the card or at the side of your contact information. 

Handle Display: Ensure that you showcase your social media handles right there next to the icons you have chosen for the purpose. 



Brand Visibility: Improves your social media visibility by driving more traffic to your social media accounts. 

Engagement: Motivates the recipients to follow and like your brand on various social media platforms. 

Professionalism: Proves that you are operating a business and active in the digital platform. 


Application of QR Codes for Direct Access 


QR codes are a great tool for bringing the physical and the digital worlds together. The users simply have to scan a QR code on your business card and they will be redirected to your social media page or a page that contains links to all your social media pages. 


How to Do It: 


Create QR Codes: You should use an online QR code generator to create codes for your social media page. 

Design Integration: Here are some tips for placing the QR codes on a business card, make sure that the codes are large enough so that a person can scan it easily. 

Instructions: Offer a short instruction such as ‘Scan to be linked with us on the social media platform’. 




Convenience: Allows the recipients to reach out to you on the internet easily. 

Engagement: It has a greater chance of making the recipient follow you because it doesn’t demand much from the recipient. 

Innovation: Proves that your business is in line with technology and the use of new forms of communicating. 


Promotional Offers and Hashtags 


Including a promotion or a special hashtag for your business on the business card will encourage the recipient to follow you on social media. It also promotes both short time engagement and long time engagement. To maximise these benefits, there is a social media marketing agency in Delhi to help you create and implement these strategies effectively


How to Do It: 

Promotional Offers: Add a coupon code or a deal that the recipients can use to get the offer by following your social media profiles. 

Custom Hashtags: Final suggestion, come up with a hashtag that is relevant to your brand or a certain campaign that you are running and make sure that it is printed on the card. 

Call to Action: For instance, you can include a call to action like, “Follow us on [Platform] and use #[YourHashtag] and get a discount. ” 



Engagement: To the recipients, this message tells them to engage with the brand and make use of the given offer. 

Brand Awareness: To create a niche, you can create your own hashtags which will help in creating a community for your brand. 

Tracking: It helps you measure the success of your business card marketing by hashtags and the redemptions being made. 


Embedded Social Proof 


Elements such as the number of followers and good remarks are equally important components of a business card. It boosts the authority of your message and encourages the user to explore your social media profiles. To optimise these features, try social media marketing services in Delhi to improve your business card and online presence.

How to Do It: 


Follower Counts: If you have a large amount of people that follow you, it may be useful to state how many followers you have on your social media accounts such as Instagram or LinkedIn. 

Reviews and Testimonials: Post a brief positive comment or a testimony of a customer and direct the reader to your social media page. 

Visuals: It is recommended to use small images or icons to call attention to these elements without overloading the card design. 




Credibility: Social proof builds upon the idea of trust in your company and improves the consumer’s view towards your brand. 

Engagement: It is a positive factor as it increases the chances of the recipients following your profiles to check for more positive experiences and comments. 

Professionalism: This project has a credible and long-standing online presence as can be seen. 


Interactive Design Elements 


 As a result, the incorporation of AR, for instance, into your business card can help your business card to be unique and more memorable to the holder. These elements can take your audience to your social media profiles or display your content in an interesting manner. 

How to Do It: 

AR Integration: Leverage on the use of augmented reality to design a business card which when scanned using a smartphone will show more information or links to your social media accounts. 

Instruction: Explain how to use the interactive elements in a clear manner. 

Content: The AR content that you are broadcasting should be relevant to your social media profiles and should be entertaining, for instance, a welcome video or a brief about your company. 



Memorability: It offers a fun way of giving your clients something they will never forget about your business

Engagement: Interactive elements are useful in increasing traffic and interaction with social media accounts. 

Innovation: Illustrates the image of your brand as progressive and technologically advanced. 


Including social media on business cards is an effective way of improving networking and boosting the online presence. Thus, when designing business cards, it is possible to incorporate such elements as social media icons, QR codes, special offers, testimonials, and other interactive elements to make the business cards convey contact information and stimulate the user’s activity on social networks. This way, besides keeping your business cards up to date in the digital age, you can ensure they bring the most value as a marketing asset.

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